ICEF Rugby Senior Ballas

Class of 2020

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Honoring the Ballas!

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Ashante Buchanon

You coming on board was an absolute treat this year. You meshed into the team so well and progressed fantastically well as a player. All the best in the future and I look forward to hearing about your successes! ~ Coach Lisa

You have been amazing to watch. You hit the field with fire in your heart. You played with drive and determination. You showed that you wanted to learn and excel. You did not play timidly. You were a team player. When you saw Kimorri struggling at the game at Centinela Park, you went to her and supported her. You talked to her, encouraged her and tried to get her to get her head back in the game. That's what being a team is all about. You are a sweet young lady with a good heart. I am sad that I didn't have time to get to know you better. Good luck to you and your future endeavors. I wish you much success. ~ Love, Kimiko Mosley (Kimorri's mom)

It was a pleasure to see your growth throughout the season. You seem shy at first, but then you find your strength and courage and dominate to show how powerful you are! A young woman of few words, yet you have such an explosive personality! It was an honor to be able to help coach you and get to know you! Keep your confidence and unapologetic strength, it will take you far! Congratulations Grad; time to become an ICEF Rugby Legend! ~ Coach Elo

To Ashante: You were a perfect addition to the team this year. I noticed from the beginning you always gave your all on the field and looked to grow and learn as a player. That energy will take you so far! ~ Coach Sarah

When we first met it was really hard to talk to you because you were always to yourself but once you started getting more comfortable with the team, we started becoming friends. It was always jokes with you, laughing and having a good time. I was so surprised on how fast you learned how to play rugby, but I already knew that you were gonna be good lol. Wish you came earlier because it great having you around. ~ Kimaya

Ashante, since the first day I met you I knew we had a good bond that I haven't had with really anybody on the teamjust in one season we became so close. I will miss you so much, but enjoy whatever comes next in life. I love you and congrats. ~ Kimorri

You were one of the girls that I could really talk to about the team. if i needed help with something you were always offer to help. While in game when I needed help with a tackle you were there to support. I hope you come back to the school to coach someday. ~ Lauryn

You had an amazing year this season. We didn’t really get a chance to get to know each other but you were great on the field even for it being your first time. Congrats and live life.

~ Karianna

You're beautiful and amazing don't let anything stop you ... You made a huge change from when you first started playing rugby you was so determined and you became amazing. ~ Deja

Ashante was a great teammate. She is very supportive and kind. We shared laughs and conversations all the time. It was both of our first years and because we were both learning, that similarity created a friendship. ~ Kaitlin

Ashante, I and the entire team are so glad you came out for rugby your senior year. You were so brave and fierce on the field. You earned the respect of everybody on the team through your dedicated actions in practice and in games. I wish you had played longer, and I’m sorry you are not getting the tour you earned, but you uncovered so much about yourself this year. Keep playing rugby because you are really good at it and you will continue to connect with other great people like yourself. ~ Coach Krohn

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Danielle McFall

Danielle "Cousin" McFall - On tour in Tanzania I asked you what you loved about rugby and you replied - "everything!". Such a strong and powerful player on the field and a cheeky and fun student off the field. I look forward to your continued growth in the future and I look forward to hearing back from you on all your progress! Your siblings will most certainly look up to you as you grow older. All the best!

~ Coach Lisa

Dear Danielle,

It has been a journey. I remember when you first started playing rugby in high school. You and Keiko bonded and you have been a part of our lives ever since, not just during rugby season. Even after you broke your leg, you still supported the team. You are an awesome rugby player. I watched you grow and develop. You are tough and determined. You have not let your circumstances hold you back or determine your self worth. You face your challenges head on and you have become stronger in the face of adversity. You are not a quitter. I am absolutely sure that you will be the best at whatever you set your sights on because you are a fighter and a true champion. Continue to hold your head up high and walk proud and strong. I will miss you and your fun, loving personality. Love, Kimiko Mosley (Kimorri's mom)

Danielle- I remember meeting you at the video shoot for the Women’s Sport Foundation feature, preseason, and girl, you are who you are! Consistent and unashamed! That first day, I learned how hard of a worker you are and how passionate you are about learning and about others. Keep being you bubbly, tenacious, beast self! I know you’ll do great things! Congratulations Grad; ICEF Legend Gang-Gang! ~ Coach Elo

I have literally watched you grow as a player and an individual over the past few years. I know you'll be great at GCU! I appreciate you always coming to talk to me, and even listening at times. ~ Coach Sarah

I've known you since middle school and you never gave up. You always were a go getter on the field and went for everything. You were a great heavy hitter on the team and we'll miss you. ~ Kimaya

Danielle, you were always like a sister to me. You grew so close to me and my family and I'm so proud of how far you have come through your years of playing. I remember you hurt your leg and you didn't that time off stop you. I love you sis and congrats. ~ Kimorri

Daniel - You are so awesome. You were the person on the team that taught me the ins and outs about playing a forward. You have been an example in and out of school on how a ICEF rugby player should carry themselves. ~ Lauryn

It took us a while to get to know each other but when we did you always helped me out at practice. I’m going to miss you being on the team. You were strong and passionate about the sport. Good luck on your journey and can’t wait to see what it has for you. ~ Karianna

Danielle, your energy is forever unmatched ! Stay focus and l hope your future is amazing as you are I will miss you all. ~ Deja

Danielle was the first person on the team that I had met. She was very nice and helpful from the beginning and carried that same personality throughout the season. She's very passionate about rugby and she's a selfless person, she cares about everyone. I'm glad that I got to know her. ~ Kaitlin

Danielle, you have been so brave playing rugby. You have always confronted your fears, and I don’t just mean on the field. I admire you greatly for that. You emerged as a leader by example. You really took the fitness sessions seriously and managed them. You broke your leg freshman year and remained dedicated to the team. You were a great tourist in the Philippines and Hong Kong and it was there that you started to show your talent on the field. You had an equally impressive tour to Tanzania. I know you will continue to be a leader, that is who you are.

~ Coach Krohn

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Mair Galo

One of the kindest people I have ever met! You showed your commitment to the team so well and developed into a courageous player and a fantastic coach too. The younger girls absolutely loved you! All the best with everything in the future and I look forward to hearing from you regularly! ~ Coach Lisa

Dear Mair ~ What can I say? I will always remember you as THE RUGBY DIVA. You played rugby with eyelashes and at times with acrylic nails. You always made sure you looked cute before you hit the field. I will never forget when you scored that try when we played near San Diego. I was so proud of you and I was soooooo happy for you. You showed determination. There were times when you didn't get a lot of play time, but you didn't give up. You still came out and played and supported the team. I'm going to truly miss you, your beautiful smile and your laughter. Good luck to you. ~ Love, Kimiko Mosley (Kimorri's mom)

You already know what I’m about to say...favorite Try of the season! haha (You know exactly how I clown about it but it’s all love)! I am proud of you for sticking through and hanging in there, even after times you may have wanted to give up. Your growth was tremendous as well! Do you realize how many tries you set up, getting the ball out as quickly as you do? Awesome stuff; Congratulations Grad! Welcome to the Legends crew! Keep striving for greatness!

~ Coach Elo

I am so proud of you and your strength. I have learned a bunch about you over the years, and you have always pushed yourself to keep moving forward. You have so much ahead of you, just keep pushing. ~ Coach Sarah

Mair, me and you have been playing together since I was in 9th grade and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I’m really going to miss you next year, not being able to see you on and off the field, on the trip, on the road trips, everything. You always made me laugh and it was never a dull moment. I love you Mair! ~ Kimaya

Mair, we will always consider you as family. You are my family regardless of the dna. We have had so many good memories and I'm sad they are over, but enjoy the next chapter of your life and congrats. ~ Kimorri

Mair, you always have a smile on you face even when we lose a game. You don’t complain and you are looking your best. You have shown me some tricks here and there that have really helped play better. I’m kinda sad that we had such short time together but I hope you come back. ~ Lauryn

This pass season we kinda got to know each other more. Your beautiful and strong. You had a great season. I’ll miss you for reals and the songs you put me on to, I listen to them all the time. I’m going to miss just messing around with you and laughing. Congrats on your new journey. ~ Karianna

Mair Galo....Awwww my lovely Mair! You very kind and beautiful. Stay strong and don't let anything break you focus. ~ Deja

Mair is also very kind. She's funny and supportive of everyone. I can tell that she enjoys rugby and I enjoyed having her as a teammate. I'm glad that I got to meet her. ~ Kaitlin

Mair, you have been a vital part of the team. When you started playing you were unsure, but you persevered. That showed a lot of character. Sophomore year you were like a little sister to the team. Junior year you started touring with the team to Las Vegas and Tanzania. You keep everybody else’s spirits up, even if you are feeling down. You are unselfish and care greatly for your teammates. I will never forget the try you scored in San Diego that put us into the playoffs. That try epitomizes your effort on the team. You never give up! Keep battling. ~Coach Krohn

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Serita Nunez

I really got to know you better on our Tanzania trip. An absolute beast on the field and a caring, thoughtful and kind human off the field. So delighted on your Positive Coaching Alliance award this year. One of ten LA winners. Finally, all the best in your next steps academically. Excited to hear how the new rugby program fairs!

~ Coach Lisa

Dear Serita ~ You have been exciting to watch. I remember when I first saw you play and literally said out loud, "Who is that?". You came out playing fearlessly. You were aggressive. You didn't stand by and wait for your opponents to come to you. You intimidated them with your facial expressions and your growls and you went after them. You didn't let anything hold you back. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Keep being yourself and you will go far in life. May you have much success. ~ Love, Kimiko Mosley (Kimorr's mom)

You are such a hardworking, inspirational, beautiful person! No matter what obstacle comes your way, you tackle it with such fortitude and grace. I love how much of a leader you are and your perseverance is to be admired. Keep being you! Keep bossing up! Congratulations Grad! Another worthy ICEF Rugby Legend!

~ Coach Elo

I loved watching you play, your intensity always energized those around you. And off the field, your spirit did too. I am looking forward to the big things you'll do in the future! ~ Coach Sarah

You are very fearless, one of the most fearless players on the team. You never hesitated. You have a great personality, took everybody feelings into consideration, always had brilliant ideas, and went along with everything. You are a great person to talk to on and off the field. Im going to miss your fearlessness and personality and you in general next year. ~ Kimaya

Serita, even though we didn't always agree on everything, you were a person that everyone strived to become. You are a wise, an outspoken leader and a great athlete. I will miss you and I can't wait to see your success in the future.

~ Kimorri

Serita - You are what I hope to be when it comes to my ability of teamwork and being a forward. I envy you in so many ways. When you were hurt you still came to our games. When I didn’t understand a drill you were there to help me. You have so many strengths and instead of keeping it to yourself you shared ways to build that strength. I hope you enjoy your freshman year of college and don’t forget about me at VP. ~ Lauryn

We got to know each other more because we had Spanish together and also on the field. You were the “mom” of the team. I’m going to miss you. You showed me that anything is possible, that being there for your team even when your injured is always great support. You were a “beast” on the field and I loved to play with you. Congrats ritaa ritaaa ritaaaa !!!!!! ~ Karianna

Serita Nunez- You're so strong and passionate and you never give up ...l hope your future goes how you told me you want it to ... and I wish you nothing but greatness.

~ Deja

Serita is also one of the girls that I got to know early on. Serita is the sweetest person ever, and she is very outgoing. She's always smiling and laughing. I admire all of her positivity. Serita is also very strong willed and determined. She loves rugby and it shows, on and off the field. ~ Kaitlin

Serita, I will never forget your first game, although you might have. That same level of effort never stopped, in every single game you played in. You are a warrior. You are also passionate, and compassionate. You care about the entire team. Like Danielle, you never stopped coming when you were injured this year. You got back on the field as soon as you could. You love playing rugby! You are a great teammate. ~ Coach Krohn

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