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AutoDraw by Google

AutoDraw lets you turns your doodling into art! Use the tools to draw your best picture of something and the machine learning algorithms try to figure out what you are attempting to draw. It then matches your doodles, squiggles and lines with drawings in its database. The possible matches will be displayed in a list at the top of your drawing canvas. If you like one of those options, you simply click on it and AutoDraw replaces your drawing with the selected image. You have the option to download or share your picture by clicking on the 2 horizontal lines in the top left corner of your canvas.

Photos for Class

This site from Storyboard That includes age-appropriate images and automatically includes a citation for each image. Type a topic in the search field and download the image. The citation will be embedded in the picture


Nearpod is an engaging presentation tool that allows students to be actively involved in the lesson. Nearpod also gives teachers the ability to assess learners’ understanding throughout the lesson using multiple types of activities.

Are you ready to learn something new?

  • Open www.nearpod.com.
  • Click on the Enter CODE button.
  • Type in the Code the teacher gives you.
  • Wait for the teacher to begin.
Nearpod also has an App for most devices!

The Alamo by Experience Real History

Experience Real History: Alamo Edition - Travel back in time and visit the Alamo with these Augmented Reality products. Let your students engage in historically accurate adventure scenes with Personalized Reality Boards™, Reality Books™ and Trading Reality Cards™. Download the IOS and Google Play apps here.

Gettysburg should be released soon.

Receive a discount for online purchases or through traditional quote and PO orders by using the code J2.

Novel Effect

The Novel Effect app uses invisible technology to follow along, as you read a book. Music and sounds play while you are reading. Smart voice recognition stays in sync with your reading style, if you skip ahead or read a favorite part again and again.

Click here for a link to the books and a short preview of each on Novel Effect.

Curiscope Virtuali-Tee

Learn about the human body with this t-shirt and app! You can purchase the t-shirt from the Curiscope website or from Amazon.


Gimkit was created by high school students and is similar to Kahoot! and Quizizz, except the students play for “money” instead of points. The free version allows you to have 5 Kits (games) in your account. The paid version allows for unlimited Kits and edits and includes other features. The Pro version is $59.88 a year or $7.99 per month. School and bulk discounts are available. Wa5ch for changes in the pricing structure in the near future.

Gimkit includes a library of Kits from users. You can create your own Kit by typing in the questions and answers or you can upload questions from Quizlet or a CSV file.

Let's give it a try! Open gimkit.com/play and enter the code on the screen.

Magic Rainbow Unicorns

Magic Rainbow Unicorns is a Google Doc Add-on that changes highlighted font to magic rainbow colors.
  • Open: gsuite.google.com/marketplace

  • Type Magic Rainbow Unicorns in the search box.

  • Click the Launch button to install the Add-on.


Well, everything we show you does not have to be educational! The Rakuten extension finds savings for you when you are shopping online. You receive a check or PayPal deposit every quarter!

New From Google - AR

This cool trick only works on phones/iPads that are AR-enabled.

On your phone:
  1. Open Safari.
  2. Type in Google.com.
  3. Type bear in the search box Scroll down until you see Meet a Life-sized Bear in 3D.
  4. Open it up Click on AR at the top.
  5. Tap on the bear.

Here’s how to look at life-sized animals in AR through Google Search

Cool Texting Feature on an iOS Device

Your text messages will never be the same!!!!

Type your text message then long-press the up arrow that sends the message. You have four Bubble Effect options and nine Screen Effect options. To bring up Screen Effect options, swipe left. You will never send a boring text message again! Of course, your friends and family will think you are crazy!

Here is a short video if you forget how to do this!

Cool iOS Trick

Do you get frustrated trying to move the cursor on your iPhone or iPad? Kelly and Ryan share the BEST iPhone trick on their show!

The trick, called "trackpad mode", is very easy! Click and hold down on the spacebar and now you can move the cursor anywhere you want!

Awesome Google Shortcuts

Want to quickly create a Google Doc, Slide, Site or Form? Just type one of the following and you will be ready to create!

The Statue of Liberty AR

The Statue of Liberty app uses augmented reality to let you explore Lady Liberty from all angles. The app includes the history of the statue, a life-size model, a look inside and more.

Bingo Baker

Use Bingo Baker to create online bingo games for your students. There is a free version, but if you want to use images, you will need to buy the lifetime subscription for $14.99.

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