About Me!!!

shelby tillery


My life is great I get good grades and I love reading all the time. I love reading. and cooking, and doing art a lot and just telling you I'm can not date until I'm 16 years old. That's my life not fun but sometimes cool and sometimes not so cool!!!!

What happened all this year!!!

This year has been a fun year for me better then Greenville church school and last year was fun but not that fun and all my friends go to this school!!!

All about me!!!

I'm 12 years old and I love dogs!!! I have 4 siblings and I live in Greenville and I love sports , playing out side!!! And I love doing art and going to my friends house!!! This school has been very fun for me and my friend Madison carrell we text a lot to each other and I mean a lot. This is Me!!!!