Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation Albuquerque

The Cleaners on Lomas provides professional wedding dress cleaning services for the blushing brides of Albuquerque. Dazzle the groom and your guests with a fresh and pristine gown. We know how significant the upcoming festivities are, and understand how important it is that you look your very best. After all, your wedding will be immortalized in many photographs and home videos.

Our thorough inspection of a bridal gown determines the best method of treatment. A couture creation usually involves a combination of special, luxurious materials so initial examination is an important part of the process. Our experts meticulously prep by hand before continuing with the actual wedding dress cleaning procedure such as dry-cleaning, washing, or pressing.

For preservation and purposes, cleaning is also a vital step. Dirt or stains may have accumulated from all the revelry of a wedding. Ensuring that a bridal gown is free from harmful or unsightly substances will prolong its beauty far into the future.

We also offer wedding dress preservation alongside our cleaning and alteration services. A bridal gown marks a very special day in a woman’s life, and the important dress is oftentimes an expensive work of art in itself. Couture wedding gowns are oftentimes regarded as investments, memorabilia, and heirlooms. They can be passed down through generations, make their way to vintage boutiques, and even brought out on a whim to simply admire or to check if they still fit. Preserving a valuable and particularly beautiful dress is a priority for many women.

At The Cleaners on Lomas, we have the right tools and know how for proper wedding gown preservation. We can clean your dress and prepare it for storage for you, so that it’s beauty lives on. Storing a wedding dress may entail padded hangers and special garment bags or sheets, which we provide. Not everyone will have the ample closet space, however, to hang an elaborate gown for a prolonged period of time. We can offer a special wedding gown storage box as an alternative, along with optimal folding to avoid permanent creasing as well as maintenance tips.

The Cleaners on Lomas realize that an outstanding piece of couture will bring back memories, incite appreciation, and continue to spread its joy for decades when treated right. We are happy to help with your gown preservation so that your dress achieves the longevity and enduring splendor it deserves.

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