Relationship Evaluation

Health Project

A Great Listener In My Life

A great listener in my life is my sister, Tia. She always listens too me and helps me when I have a problem.

A Positive Individual In My Life

A positive individual in my life is my sister, Belle. She always helps people and is nice (sometimes) .

A Person Who Provides Excellent Communication Skills In My Life

A person who provides excellent communication skills in my life is my mom. She always makes people see the other side of things and is nice while doing it.

A Person That Embodies The Characteristics Of A Great Leader In My Life

A person that embodies the characteristic of a great leader in my life is Angela Nguyen. She's a great leader because in Chorus, whenever there is a sub, she helps and tells them how to do something. Another reason she's a great leader is because, she helps everyone in Chorus.

3 Character Traits I Admire Or Respect From Others

3 character traits that I admire or respect from others is, kindness, because if you're rude to somebody they grow to not like you. Another one is respect, respect is important because if you don't respect someone they won't like you. The last one is caring, caring is important because if you act like you don't care they might get upset and not like you.