Spring LMS Library Newsletter

Linda Lawson LMS Librarian


Iron Tribe Fitness trainers led REbeL members through fitness games. Healthy eating habits and how to manage stress in healthy ways were also discussed.

At another REbeL meeting,Blue Valley North REbeL members presented about the “baggage” that we carry around with us every day - the pressures we feel to measure up to our culture’s standards of beauty. REbeL members discussed this “baggage” and presented ways to start to form a healthier relationship with food and exercise and to love our bodies just the way they are.

Humphrey's Poetry Scavenger Hunt & Human Spirit Project

Mrs. Humphrey’s 8th grade ELA classes located different types of poems such as free verse, ballads, and sonnets as well as poems featuring alliteration, assonance, consonance, and repetition in the poetry section of the LMS library. Mrs. Humphrey's classes also researched a person who demonstrates that the human spirit can triumph over adversity to write an argument paper.

Hooked on Books

LMS students and staff collected a total of 811 books for the Hooked on Books Book Drive. The books will be given to Reach Out and Read Kansas City, which is the only medically-based early literacy nonprofit in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Reach Out and Read Kansas City prepares young children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to give new books to children to encourage families to read together. Thank you to all those who participated!

Argument Papers

Mrs. Yankey & Ms. Kotich’s 7th grade ELA classes researched issues that they personally felt strongly about and wrote an argument paper. In their argument paper, students included evidence that supported and contradicted their opinion.

Both 7th grade ELA classes also completed an author study. Students researched their favorite author highlighting their author's life, writing style & accomplishments. Their presentation included an advertisement for the novel and movie written by their author. Students designed a movie poster using Tackk.

Synthetic Materials

Mrs. Ratzel's 8th grade Science classes researched a synthetic material, how the material was formed, and the advantages and limitations of their synthetic material to produce a catalog page on the program Tackk detailing specific information on a unique synthetic material.

7th Grade Science

Mrs. Peter's 7th grade Science students will be researching maintaining biodiversity & ecosystems. Students will research their ecosystem problem & provide a solution. They will create a presentation of their choice which includes a Works Cited page.

Spring Book Club

Dawna Ofstehage, Youth Information Specialist at the Leawood Pioneer Library,

& Ms. Lawson met with students during lunch on April 27th to discuss what they are currently reading. Check out the Jo Co libraries this summer for exciting reading programs & activities!

Mr. Cordell's Decades Project

Mr. Cordell's 8th grade Social Studies students researched important events, people, inventions & popular culture from their chosen decade ranging from the 1950s to 2000s. Their final project included PowerPoints , Prezis or presentations of their choice.

Makerspace Coming Soon...

Students will be able to come in when they've finished their work to explore, craft, and create in the LMS Library Media Center Makerspace. Our Makerspace will include a Lego creation station, Makey Makey station, duct tape creation center, & puzzle section.

Mrs. Choi's 6th Grade Art Class

Mrs. Choi's 6th grade students conducted research on Pop Art. They collaborated with the BVNHS Graphic Design 2 students. Middle school and high school students worked together to create ceramic works of art and accompanying packaging based on the styles of several notable Pop Artists.

Spring Book Talks

LMS book talks with Johnson County Public Librarians were held in April & May highlighting great books to read! Popular titles and new releases were discussed.

Jo Co Public Library Bookmark Contest

Jacob Metzner, Addie Raine, Caroline Hanson & Jane Gurley were winners of the Jo Co Public Library bookmark contest. Pick up the prize winning book marks at any Jo Co library location!


The elementia reception featuring Lynda Barry was held Thursday, April 28th at the Jo Co Community College. LMS has a long list of authors and artists published in this edition of elementia:

Lauren Blood

Gus Brandmeyer

Ethan Herman

Olivia Humphrey

Gaby Kill

Caroline Koenig

Richard H. Koulen

Daniel Markiewicz

Mary Rueschhoff

Cathy Wang