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Week of September 7 in Precal...

Here is a basic overview of what we will be doing in class next week!

Monday: Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday: Lesson 1.4 (Extrema and Intervals of Increasing, Decreasing, Constant)

Wednesday: Questions over 1.1 - 1.4 concepts & homework

Go over Quiz 1.1-1.3

Thursday: - Review of major concepts for the test

Friday - UNIT 1A TEST


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Unit 1A TEST is scheduled for Friday 9/11

Homework assignments for each unit will be considered late after the day of the unit assessment. Homework assignments may be turned in early, but they are due on the day of the test which is Friday 9/11 for the first unit.


Math tests in Precal can be challenging at first. There will almost always be a "no calculator" and a "calculator" portion of the test. Pre-AP students are expected to finish during the class period and are not allowed extra time to finish (unless they have documented accommodations). The questions are open-ended (not multiple choice) and students are required to justify there answers algebraically or verbally.

Any concepts from the notes, homework, or quizzes could potentially be seen on a test.

Here are some things students can do to make sure they are prepared:

  • Use a study guide to keep track of the concepts that you will be held accountable for
  • Look over the class notes (highlight, write questions, underline, ...) - you should be able to identify what concepts you understand and those that still need some work
  • Work and rework homework problems - doing them one time is usually not enough practice. If you feel like you need extra practice problems, please let me know!
  • Correct and rework any problems on quizzes (even the ones you got correct) - to ensure that you have retained the concept

Do not wait until the last minute to try to prepare - it usually does not work well with mathematics. Do not depend on coming for tutorials the morning of a test - it doesn't allow you time to process the information.

It is important to have a conceptual understanding of the topics. Students need to be able to do more than just work identical problems. We are striving for a deeper understanding of concepts.


I am using Edmodo this year to post notes and homework online. Your child should have the code to join my class.

It is possible to create a parent account that will link to your student's account. You can see all of the class pages that your child is a member of and can view the things that are posted. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Please encourage your child to join the Edmodo group for Precal!