nevada del ruiz

By: Aqueliah Edwards

nevada del Ruiz, november 13,1985

nevada is an active stratovolcano with a history of generating deathly volcanic mudflow.

interesting fact

nevado was active after a year of minor earthquakes and steam explosions.

Nevada del Ruiz exploding and clouds

about this disastrous volcano

this volcano is covered by mostly glaciers, this almost killed 25,000 people in the town of armero marking one of the worst volcanic disasters in history. sadly this tragedy could have been easily avoided if clear warnings by volcanologist had been taken seriously.

More facts about Nevada

Nevada del Ruiz was small, but it caused a large mud flow which swept the whole town.

this volcano is the second largest disaster of 20th century.

Today Nevada del ruiz still poses a threat and thus retains it's old nickname " the sleeping lion"

Cost of this damage

Nevada costed 7.7 billon dollars in damage