Ways To Recycle As Much As Possible

Recycle! It's good for the earth!

Use Both Sides

When you use paper you only use one side of the paper. One tree makes 80,500 Sheets of paper. So instead of wasting it and using one side use both sides of the paper. It can take years for another tree to grow. So don't waste the paper use both sides.

Lunch Bag Not Trash

A lot of people use a paper bag. You already have enough trash from some of the lunch. So use or get a reuseable lunch bag. Instead of spending all that money on buying paper bags. You can get a lunch bag that can last you at least 3-4 years.

Compost It!

When your done eating lunch you trow away food you didn't eat or is half eaten. Where it goes? It goes to a land fill. Pilling over trash. Compost it! Compost - a crumbly soil looking material. Compost forms from natural organic materials. So Don't Throw It Away Compost It!