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December 1, 2019

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! A quick three weeks of school and we'll be into Winter Break! Please make note that the week of December 16-20 is a Early Release Schedule all week. AM TK and K students attend from 8-11:20, PM TK and K students attend from 10:20-1:40, and all students in grades 1-5 attend from 8:15-1:40 daily. Please make plans for drop off and pick up!

This month we will see our new elementary boundaries confirmed (that happens at the school board meeting on Tues., 12/3) and the registration process for 2020-21 begin. The best place to get information is on the school district's registration page - which you can find by visiting > Parent Resources > Registration. You can find LOTS of details below, as well.

We are thrilled to welcome our families to campus the week of December 9th for our winter performances and pop up book fair.

Tues., December 10th

  • 2:40-7:30 pm - book fair open in the library
  • 5:30 pm - performance featuring Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Wetzstein, Mrs. Shelton and Mr. Beatty's classes (arrive at 5:15 pm)
  • 6:30 pm - performance featuring Mrs. Risucci, Ms. Cassidy, Mrs. Ochoa and Mrs. Noyes' classes (arrive at 6:15 pm)

Thurs., December 12th

  • 2:40-7:30 pm - book fair open in the library
  • 5:30 pm - Gr. 3 classes and Choir perform (arrive at 5:15 pm)
  • 6:30 pm - Gr. 4 and 4/5 Combo classes perform (arrive at 6:15 pm)
  • 7:30 pm - Gr. 5 classes perform (arrive at 7:15 pm)

Driving, Parking & Pedestrian Courtesy

We know everyone is busy, but please, please, please, follow the law and watch for children! This past Friday (11/20) was a really busy morning (we hosted our K Feast, so we had an extra 100+ folks parking in the neighborhood) and the lot was extra crazy. We had 10 student nearly get hit by a was so scary that we pulled our morning greeters in early!

Everyone knows the parking lot is a zoo...please take care to be safe. Look both ways twice, watch for staff giving you directions, and watch for children. If you are in a hurry, come early or come right at 8:10 am, when traffic has significantly decreased.

We know we need to be planful, too. We will schedule large events (like the K feast) later in the morning whenever we can. We have constraints like recesses and lunch that sometimes makes that difficult, but we will be more mindful on our end going forward. Please help us by doing the same as you approach campus before and after school.

All Things TK/Kinder Info Night

Come learn about the TK programs in WPUSD, extended day Kinder, and the dual immersion Kinder program. This meeting is open to all families in the area with TK/K aged students! Join us at LCES on Thurs., 12/5 from 6-7:30pm. Get the invitation info here...and feel free to share this link with your friends and neighbors who may be interested:

Boundary Study/2020-2021 Registration Update

Lots of new Information has come out in the last week! Please share this info with your friends and neighbors who may have children coming into TK/K or who are currently attending school outside of WPUSD but may looking to come back to their community school.

The overall goal is to get a good handle on where students will attend school (that happens early in 2020) so that we can tackle staffing (in spring 2020) and open the schools with minimal adjustments in fall 2020.

Important Information by Date:

Tues., 12/3/19 at 7 pm at 600 6th St., 3rd Floor - School Board Meeting

  • boundary changes will be voted on; view the agenda and packet here
  • Mrs. Hladun plans to attend and will share information digitally on social media after the meeting

Th., 12/5/19 at 6 pm at LCES Multi - all things Kinder Info night

  • learn about the district's TK, extended day K, and dual immersion K program options
  • open to ALL families in Lincoln...this isn't just about LCES programs
  • view informational flier here

Mon., 12/9/19 at 8am - online registration will open up for all NEW students in grades TK-12

  • if your child is in grades K-5 at LCES right now, you do NOT need to re-register them
  • if your child is in TK (AM or PM), you DO need to register them for kindergarten
  • be sure your friends and neighbors with incoming TK or K kiddos know, and if you have friends at schools outside of WPUSD who want to bring their child back to their home school, they need to register using this timeline
  • you can access the link to register online via the WPUSD website...and maybe on the LCES website...still waiting on that detail

Mon., 1/13/20 shortly after 7am - our office team will start taking registration packets

  • there is NO NEED for a camp out because there is plenty of room at LCES and Leaman ES (LES) for all incoming students at their home school!
  • bring: printout of online registration form and associated documents, proof of residency, child's birth certificate, and immunization records
  • the LCES office will take all registrations for students who will attend LCES or LES

Tues., 1/21/20 at 4 pm - deadline for current COES students and current LCES 4th graders to turn in intradistrict transfer request
  • turning in this form means that current students attending COES want to stay at COES instead of attending LCES or LES
  • turning in this form means that current LCES 4th graders want to attend LCES for their 5th grade year instead of LES
  • I believe this form will be sent to you at home or via your child or via email...but we are waiting on that detail

Fri., 2/12/20 at 4 pm - deadline to turn in registration packets for 20-21

  • families who move into the neighborhood after this deadline can still enroll
  • current residents must complete enrollment by 2/12/20
  • this deadline will help us staff the schools correctly

March-ish - deadline for all families to turn in intradistrict transfer requests

  • you would complete this process if you wanted to attend any school other than the one you are assigned to (i.e. you were zoned to attend LES but wanted to attend LCES; you are zoned for LCES but you want to attend TBE) in 20-21
  • You can read more about the draft intra policy here (page 6)
  • it is standing policy that intradistrict requests have to be refiled annually and there is no guarantee that they are approved; they are approved on a space available basis

Important Info by Topic:

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION for NEW STUDENTS: Students coming into Grades TK-12 will be able to register online through the online WPUSD Parent Portal beginning on Mon., 12/9. We will be taking packets for registration (which include your Parent Portal printout, birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency) on Mon., 1/13 in the office - LCES will take all packets for new students who will attend Lincoln Crossing or Leaman Elementary since there is no office at Leaman, yet. TK Families must register for K online even though you might be attending class in the district currently.
  • CURRENT STUDENTS: Students who are currently in grades K-5 at any school in the district will be automatically assigned to their school of residency this spring based on their address (this includes students continuing in elementary and those going to middle school). There may be some options to attend your preferred school (see the IntraDistrict Transfer Requests section below for details).
  • WAIT LISTS: We do not anticipate 'wait lists' at any of our schools for any of our grade levels for students who live in within the school's the past we had issues with space, and that drove the need for waiting lists. We will not have space issues at any of our schools next year - that means everyone gets into their 'home school!' There will not be any need for a 'camp out!'
  • DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAM / POTENTIAL LOTTERY: There may be a lottery for students to participate in the district's dual language immersion program. The district plans to start this program with only Kinder students. The site where it will be hosted is TBD. The need for a lottery will be based on interest generated during registration. Learn more about K programs at the K Info Night on 12/5 at 6 pm at LCES.
  • INTRADISTRICT TRANSFER REQUESTS: There will be two intradistrict (intra) transfer request windows:
  1. Intra window #1: applies to students who prefer to stay at COES and for current LCES 4th graders who want to stay at LCES for 5th grade. The district plans to approve those intras. These intras will be due by 4 pm a 1/21/20 at your child's current school office
  2. Intra window #2: applies to all other students - including those siblings of current LCES 4th graders who may prefer to stay at LCES or families who just want to attend a different school. As they always have been, these intras will be considered on a space available basis. This process will happen in March/April (date TBA). The draft policy about intras can be reviewed here (on pg. 6)
  • KINDER REGISTRATION: For incoming Kinder registration, there will be a question on the registration form about if you have a preference for AM K, PM K, extended day K (8am-1:40pm) and/or the dual language immersion K program. You will be informed about which program your child is placed in the spring. Students are eligible for Kindergarten if they turn 5 on/before September 1, 2020. FYI - our goal at LCES is to host all extended day K classes in 2020. Learn more about K programs at the K Info Night on 12/5 at 6 pm at LCES.
  • TK REGISTRATION: The district will open TK classrooms for students who turn 5 between September 2-December 31. We also offer TK for students turning 5 after January 1 if there is a need in the community. You can learn more about the TK program in WPUSD here. The locations for TK in 2020-21 are TBD based on enrollment. Learn more about TK programs at the K Info Night on 12/5 at 6 pm at LCES.
  • BOUNDARY DECISIONS: Mr. Leaman will take the boundary decision to the school board at their December 3rd meeting (at the City Hall Building on the 3rd floor - 600 6th St.). Here is a color version of the various boundary options that are being considered: Here is the board packet and agenda: find/review it here.

Upcoming Events

Our calendar is always up to date with the latest information about events at LCES. All event flyers can be found on our calendar and/or at our PeachJar site.

Coming Up:

Week of December 2nd:

  • Mon., 12/2: Early Release Day
  • Mon., 12/2, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 12/2, 1:45-2:45: Choir Rehearsal
  • Tues-Thurs: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 1-5
  • Tues., 12/3, 8:20 am, MPR: Grade 1 Trimester 1 Awards
  • Tues., 12/3, 8:45 am, MPR: Grade 2 Trimester 1 Awards
  • Tues., 12/3, 10:15 am, MPR: Grade 3 Trimester 1 Awards
  • Tues., 12/3, 7 pm: School Board Meeting where Boundary Decision is made; held at 600 6th St., 3rd Fl. Meeting Room
  • Wed., 12/4, 2:20 pm, MPR: Grade 4 & Grade 4/5 Trimester 1 Awards
  • Wed., 12/4, 5-8pm: PTC Xtreme Craze Lazer Tag
  • Thurs., 12/5, 8:20 am, MPR: Grade 5 Trimester 1 Awards
  • Thurs., 12/5, 6-7:30 pm, LCES MPR: Community Kinder Information Meeting - info here
  • Fri., 12/6 : Colt Pride Friday!
  • Fri, 12/6, 1:55-2:40 pm: Musical Theater Rehearsal
  • Sat., 12/7, 6 pm: LCES Choir Participating in the Lincoln Tree Lighting

Week of December 9th:

  • Mon., 12/9, 8 am: Online Registration for new gr 1-12 students and all TK/K students begins
  • Mon., 12/9: Hearing Testing for Grades K, 2 and 5
  • Mon., 12/9: Early Release Day
  • Mon., 12/9, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 12/9, 1:45-2:45: Choir Rehearsal
  • Tues-Thurs: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 1-5
  • Tues., 12/10, 2:40-7:30 pm, Library: Pop Up Book Fair
  • Tues., 12/10, 5:30 pm - Gr 1 and 2 "Grumps of Ring-a-Ding Town" performance (Cook, Wetzstein, Shelton, Beatty)
  • Tues., 12/10, 6:30 pm - Gr 1 and 2 "Grumps of Ring-a-Ding Town" performance (Risucci, Cassidy, Ochoa, Noyes)
  • Thurs., 12/12, 2:40-7:30 pm, Library: Pop Up Book Fair
  • Thurs., 12/12, 5:30 pm - Gr 3 and Choir winter performance
  • Thurs., 12/12, 6:30 pm - Gr 4 and 4/5 combo class winter performance
  • Thurs., 12/12, 7:30 pm - Gr 5 winter performance
  • Fri., 12/13 : Colt Pride Friday!
  • Fri, 12/13, 1:55-2:40 pm: Musical Theater Rehearsal

Week of December 16th:

  • All Week: Online Registration for new gr 1-12 students and all TK/K students is open
  • Week of 12/16-20 - Early Release Week - 1:40 dismissal all week for Gr. 1-5; AM & PM TK and K are on a Monday schedule all week

  • Mon., 12/16, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 12/16, 1:45-2:45: Choir Rehearsal

  • Wed., 12/18 and Thurs., 12/19, 1:40-2:40: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 4 and 5; tutoring for grades 1-3 cancelled for the week
  • Thurs., 12/19, 6-7:30 pm: Choir Caroling Party
  • Fri., 12/20 : Colt Pride Friday!

December 21st - January 5th:

No School - Winter Break

Looking Ahead:

  • Thurs., 1/9 at 6 pm and Fri., 1/10 at 8:30 am: Happy Families Presentation about parenting a gifted or twice exceptional child
  • Mon., 1/13, after 7 am: Registration packets accepted
  • Mon., 1/13-Fri., 1/24: PTC Simply Nutrition Fundraiser
  • Thurs., 1/23: Sami's Circuit Family Night
  • Wed., 2/26 and Thurs., 2/27: Star Struck Evening Performances (details TBA)

*click here for our new music (choir, grade level music, musical theater) website!

*click here for our new Leadership Ambassador website!

2019-20 LCES Performing Arts Calendar Details

Upcoming activities include Veteran's Day "We Honor You" celebration on 11/14, and winter performances for grades 1-5 on Tuesday, 12/10 and Thursday, 12/12. Click for exact dates and times! We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

Colt Pride Fridays!

Every Friday is a Colt Pride day! We love it all - new items, vintage Colt Gear, homemade items, Zebra gear, and blue & yellow! Click for our online spirit wear store - open 24/7/365!

Leadership Ambassadors

Check out this amazing new Leadership Ambassador's webpage - you can find calendar info, Action Team info and information about the LA training curriculum!

Food Service - menus, pricing and more!

Click for more information about school meal pricing and breakfast and lunch menus. You can also access My School Bucks to add to your child's lunch balance and submit an online application for free/reduced meals.

Parking vs. Drop Off/Pick Up Areas

Click to view a map and video that explains how we ask families to help us keep kids safe. Note that it is much less congested between between 7:50-8:00 am and again between 2:50-3 pm. Supervision is provided at 7:55 am and until 3 pm (2 on ER Days).

2019-20 & 2020-21 School Year Calendars

The district has approved and published 2 years of school calendars! Click for details!

Non School Days or Special Release Days

  • Week of 12/16: early release days - 1:40 dismissal
  • Mon., 12/23-Fri., 1/3: Winter Break / no school
  • Mon., 1/20: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day / no school
  • Thurs., 2/13-Mon., 2/17: Late Winter Mini Break & President's Day / no school
  • Mon, 4/6-Mon., 4/13: Spring Break / no school
  • Mon., 5/25: Memorial Day / no school
  • Week of June 1st: early release days - 1:40 dismissal
  • Fri., 6/5: last day of school!

Every Monday is an Early Release Day!

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Lincoln Crossing Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln Crossing Elementary School team is to prepare our students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become lifelong learners and responsible, contributing members of society.