Superintendent Briefing

April 2019

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North Platte Public School District Strives toward GREATNESS

When you and your team focus on solutions instead of complaints, your performance rises to a higher level. A team with talent can be good. But they must come together to be great. Positivity is that glue that enhances team connections and performance, and it impacts all teams.

Positive teams work together more effectively. They stay positive, connected, and committed through challenges. They maximize each other’s talents. They believe together and achieve more together.

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Staff Member of the Month

North Platte Public Schools Awards Staff Member of the Month for March

The North Platte Public Schools Foundation in conjunction with North Platte Public Schools is excited to announce that Stephanie McConnell was awarded staff member of the month for the month of March.

Stephanie is a member of the Sodexo food service team and works primarily at North Platte High School.

Stephanie was nominated by Marc Mroczek, Activities Director and Laurie Streeter Activities Assistant. In the nomination, Mroczek stated: She has prepared excellent meals for our track and tennis invites each year. Stephanie has made dozens of cookies for the tournaments that we have hosted at NPHS. She has also gone above and beyond to prepare sack lunches for our activity groups when they leave for away trips. Her organization and communication are outstanding. Stephanie is very dependable and willing to spend a lot of time to accommodate meals for our activity groups. We are very appreciative of all her hard work and dedication to our student-athletes at North Platte High School!

The North Platte Public Schools and North Platte Public Schools foundation developed the Staff recognition promotion to provide incentives for deserving teachers and support staff. The program is designed to recognize outstanding teachers and support staff for their contributions to NPPS. The nomination symbolizes the esteem and appreciation that everyone has for our school district employees.

School Business Partner:

Teachers are rewarded with a gift basket sponsored this month by Carlson Financial, balloons and a gift card to the Bulldog store at NPHS from the Foundation and a bouquet of flowers donated by Prairie Friends and Flowers. The North Platte Public Schools Foundation is facilitating the program and takes nominations from principals and administration. Staff members are awarded monthly throughout the school year and are recognized at the annual Education After Hours which will be held April 26th, 2019.


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Congratulations Harmoni Wagner Lake Elementary Kindergarten!

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Congratulations Angela Soelberg 7th Grade Science!

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2019 Education After Hours: Friday, April 26th, 2019

Spring is approaching! As we welcome back the warm weather, Sandhill cranes, and blooming flowers, we also prepare for Education After Hours — our annual celebration of the North Platte Public Schools and their students, staff members, and alumni. Learn more & purchase ticket

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NPPSD Safety Committee

If you have a building safety/security request that should be considered, please send it to Stuart Simpson the safety committee chair and the committee will discuss it at their next monthly meeting.

The safety committee meets monthly to discuss safety and security around the district.

Staff members that serve on the committee:

Stuart Simpson, Chair

Tami Eshleman, Education Representative

Brian Tegtmeier, Technology Representative

Jeremiah Johnson, SRO, Law Enforcement

Brandy Buscher, Student Services

Lori Coburn, Custodial Director, Building Surveillance

Safety Drills

Office Johnson (SRO) held a Lockdown drill at two elementary this month and both schools (Eisenhower and Cody) passed with an A+. We are so proud of the staff and students on the drill. We want to shout out to a 3rd-grade student that was in the restroom and stood on a toilet being very quiet. This reflected that the students know exactly what to do in a lockdown. -- Stuart Simpson, Executive Director of Finance, Facilities, and Operations.

A Closer Look at CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD oil, is growing in popularity throughout the US including Nebraska. Its popularity has increased largely because of the claims that CBD oil can help with inflammation, anxiety and epileptic seizures (HealthDay News). CBD oil has been featured in numerous news stories and ads recently. The Lincoln Journal Star reported on a mother and son that were arrested in Scottsbluff in December of 2018 for selling CBD oil in their store. CBD oil is also being offered at shops in Lincoln and Omaha, but what exactly is CBD oil?

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North Platte Unified Track team

The North Platte Unified Track team competed at the Scottsbluff track meet on Saturday. This is an exhibition year for the Unified Track Team where students of all abilities form a team and participant in events at track meets along with the high school track team. Athletes and partners participated in the long jump, the 100 yds. dash and the 4x100 relay. They will participate in the Buffalo Bill Track meet here in North Platte as well.--- Peggy Romshek, Director of Special Education

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Science Olympiad

Students from Madison and Adams Middle School competed in the Science Olympiad competition in Ogallala.

Haley Matthews and Abbie Dimmitt got first in Mystery Architecture

Gracie Persinger and Kourtnie Bokoskie got 1st Disease Detectives

Nathan Unger and Zoey Bennett got 2nd in Curcuit Lab

Aaron Parshall and Dawson Baye got 2nd in Dynamite Plant

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NPPSD Kids Klub partnership with NPCC Lady Knights Basketball team

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NPPSD Bus Drivers

NPPSD Bus Drivers were busy during March as they continue to travel with our students and staff to different places.

High School - 20 trips = 4945 miles

Adams .... 4 trip s= 730 miles

MS Route... 38 trips = 1140 miles

Kids Klub .... 15 trips = 150 miles

Buffalo .... 2 trips = 40 miles

Cody.... 1 trip = 10 miles

Eisenhower ...3 trips = 120 miles

Jefferson.... 4 trips = 45 miles

Lincoln... 2 trips = 25 miles

McDonald .... 2 trips = 20 miles

Lake/Osgood .... 20 trips = 240 miles

Washington .... 4 trips = 40 miles

John Shultz (Transportation Supervisor) recently went to a seminar in Lincoln to keep updated on regulations for transportation. Congratulations to Alan Little (Bus Driver) for a staff of the year recognition. The staff's dedication and hard work equal a GREAT TEAM. --

Lori Coburn, Facilities Director

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The Finalist Collage - Aela (Lake), Connor (Eisenhower), Ashlynn (Cody), Rebecca (McDonald), Lucas (Buffalo), Treyvn (Washington), Rane (Osgood) and Unique (Cody)

There's a New TOP CHEF in Town and his Name is ..... Lucas Golden!

Lucas was crowned TOP CHEF from 8 finalists in this Year's Sodexo-NPPSD Future Chef Challenge on Friday, March 22nd. The 8 Finalists were selected from 49 recipes received from the 9 North Platte Elementary Schools. The Finalists competed in a 3-Hour Iron Chef type cooking challenge, where they had to prep, prepare and show their Culinary Delights. Their entries were judged by a 4 person Celebrity Judging Panel and received a personalized Chef Coat, Chef Hate, Medals, Prizes, and a Trophy for the Winner. Lucas' winning Entry will be submitted to be one chosen for one of 40 Regional Winners. From the Regional Winners, 5 will be chosen as National Finalist. Good Luck Lucas!

Also, the Finalist voted for their Favorite Kids' Choice Award and this year this Award went to Unique Ortiz-Sanchez from Cody Elementary

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l to r (backrow) - Larry Young, Dr. Ron Hanson, Jessica Shultis (Miss Nebraska 2018), Grant Schram and Sheriff Jerome Kramer (front) - Lucas Golden

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Judy Landfried(Sodexo Helper), Lucas Golden & Larry Young

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Unique Ortiz-Sanchez, Larry Young and Linda Howell (Sodexo Helper)

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Lucas' Winning Recipe Card Entry

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North Platte Public Schools College and Career Initiative

North Platte Public Schools is working on developing a NPPSD Career & College Initiative. Each year, components of the initiative will be implemented in order to accomplish the district’s purpose of preparing students to be productive, responsible citizens.

North Platte Public Schools College and Career Initiative is a concept that focuses on preparing our students to become productive responsible citizens. We have a short period of time, thirteen years, to accomplish this purpose. Elementary schools are focusing on career awareness, middle schools are focusing on career exploration, and the high school is focusing on academies and internships to prepare student to be career and college ready.

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NPHS Career Internship Program

Amy Sabatka, NPHS Careers Instructor/Internship Facilitator, is creating some great internship opportunities for NPHS students. The purpose of the career internship program is designed to provide students with on-the-job training that will empower students as they pursue their career goals.

For Information about the NPHS Internship Program . . .

Amy Sabatka

308.535.7105 (school)

308.530.9609 (cell)

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North Platte School District School Improvement – The Nebraska Framework

A school improvement process is a systematic on-going process involving planning, implementation, evaluation and renewal of school improvement activities to meet local and statewide goals and priorities. All accredited schools in Nebraska must have a school improvement process in effect according to Rule 10-009.01. The process includes a periodic review by visiting educators who provide consultation to the local school/community in continued accomplishment of plans and goals. In accordance with Rule 10-009.01B each school must have an external team visit at least once every five years.

The North Platte School District will be hosting the External Team on April 29, 30, 31, 2019. All North Platte Schools will be visited on Monday, April 30, 2019. Principals and school CIP team members will be preparing for the visits.

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NPPSD Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

North Platte School District is working with Nebraska Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBiS) by planning and training for an implementation target of 2020-21. All schools are developing school-wide behavior plans via school based PBiS teams during the 2017-18 and 2019-20 school years.

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North Platte Public Schools is focusing on improving attendance by implementing interventions -- “Dare to go Five Below”. A NPPSD Attendance Task Force has been assembled that includes key leaders within the community. Mayor Livingston wrote and signed NP Community Proclamation challenging the NP Community to collectively support this initiative. The police chief, the sheriff, the county attorney, and other city and county officials are participating on the task force team.

Are you taking the opportunity to learn about the District and reading this briefing? The first staff member to email Sheila Furley and include the word five, will get a Scooter's card.

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NPPSD is currently in the process of developing a more effective and efficient Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) process that is systemic using our current problem solving process at all levels – district-school-PLT-teacher-student. The first challenge is ensuring everyone in the district understands the district’s purpose and having structures and processes in place to implement the MTSS process effectively and efficiently. The district is currently going away from the traditional SAT model to IDEAL Student Plan (ISP) using the District’s current continuous improvement process at the student level. We are integrating this process into our Professional Learning Team meetings.

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North Platte Public Schools is fortunate to have a dedicated staff that works together to ensure that students have a positive learning environment. In one day, this is how many hours (scheduled, not actual) are allocated:

· 300 Teachers/ Certified Staff X 8 hours = 2400

· 21 Administrators X 8 hours = 168

· 120 Paras X 7.5 hours = 900

· 90 Maintenance/ Custodial X 8 hours = 720

· 31 Clerical X 8 hours = 248

· 10 Technology X 8 = 80

· 50 Other Classifications X 8 = 400

Total = 4,916 hours in one single school day are dedicated to serving students. We have a variety of job descriptions within North Platte Public Schools but the number one job duty for everyone is to SERVE students. What a privilege we have to make the lives of our students brighter. Thank you for all that you do to create a positive learning environment for all students. -- Tami Eshleman, Associate Superintendent.