All about me , well I am smart , fun , and cheerful. I love to cheer , smile , and make people happy. I also am a person who cares about everyone. And I want to go to Hampton Universtiy.


The purpose I made a prortfolio is becasue I need a profecional place to put my work. And to try something new. And it looks cool and fun.

6 Word Memoir

live,love everyday with true friend

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a rose because I have layers. I am like a orked because it doesn't have layers.

Favorite Quote !

"The sun cannot shine into an inverted bowl" ~ Chinese Proverb

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

My strengths are that I'm strong. And my weaknesses are that I talk a lot when Im confrontble. Ilike that it had a us think about what we do good. But I dislike that it how it was explained. I would change how it was explained.