Tesla Insitute for STEM

Use Engineering and STEM concpets to make a difference.

Use classes like accounting and shop to gain real life experience

The Tesla Insitute incorporates classes that will benefit people in the real world. By offering classes that teach students how to be self sufficient, it prepares a generation of students with a concrete foundation in a digital world.

Take classes that will actually benifit you in the future

In a growing digital world, everything is becoming more and more automated. By incorporating classes that allow you to get industry certification, The Tesla Institute allows students to gain an edge on the ever evolving

Some of our premium classes:

Create a future for yourself.

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The Tesla Institute allows high schoolers learn through STEM infused classes real world skills, such as Inventor, working on your car, machining, and even accounting. TI's block schedule allows students to take a variety of classes each year, each of them taught by invested, certified teachers.