Video Games

Are video games really Healthy for adults and children?

What are video games

Video games were first invented for entertainment not competition but as a way to pass time together and have fun but many people think they are not good for a person to play with.Lots of parents think their children shouldn't play video games because they turn their brains to mush and makes you blind but,research has shown that they are in fact healthy.The very first video game console was invented in 1967 and was called the brown box.

Video games reduce depression and or stress.

  • In 2009's review of cyber therapy and telemedicine included a study that showed gamers who suffer from mental illnesses were able to ''vent''their anger and frustration when playing video games.
  • people who do not like to be in public and get nervous around many people are able to relax more when playing video games.
  • North Carolina state university discovered that senior citizens in nursing homes felt happier and more at home when playing video games.

Video games improve vision

  • Dr Daphen maurer of Ontario university discovered that playing fast paced games helps people with cataracts see better.
  • The visually impaired see things better when playing games like ''call of duty''.
  • When a study was taken by dr daphen maurer and her students discovered that sitting in front of a television for a few hours every day for a month increases vision by 20%.

Video games can improve basic motor skills

  • Researchers from Deakin university in Melbourne Australia have don a study of 53 preschoolers playing video games had improved basic motor skills.
  • Students in the university of Rochester discovered that games that require decision making can help in the real world.
  • Proven by dr daphen muarer playing games that require social skills help people able to speak in public.
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