Edmond Doyle News

School is going well at Edmond Doyle. Thank you for making sure your children are reading daily, working on their math facts, and getting all of their homework finished. We appreciate everyone that came to our Parent/Teacher Conferences. We almost had 100% participation-we will have this in a few days-some parents are still scheduled for visits. Successful children do not happen by wishing for their success. Successful children are created by the amount of time, effort, and care all of the adults in their lives place into them. Thanks for working with us to help all of our students reach their potential.

Important dates and things to do

  • Little Buffs cheer money due this Friday!
  • Please save Boxtops for us! It's an easy way for us to earn money for our school. Each grade has a jar for their boxtops-the winning grade gets a treat for the most collected! Thanks for helping! Right now 3rd grade is in 1st, 1st is in 2nd, 2nd is in 3rd, 4th is in last place.
  • Our fundraiser will start next Thursday, October 1st. Please sign and return the permission slip tomorrow. This is very important to our school-we need your support!
  • 1st and 2nd graders need to bring $2.00 for their pumpkin patch trip-extra is always welcomed for those that cannot pay. 4th graders need to bring $8.00 for their Thunder trip in March.
  • Thursday, October 8th- Fall Pictures-the real Fall Pictures! lol
  • Camryn Sanders, Miss McAlester, will be visiting us next Tuesday, September 29th
  • Wednesday, September 30th-1st grade visits the pumpkin patch
  • Thursday, October 1st-Edmond Doyle fundraiser begins--2nd grade visits the pumpkin patch
  • Friday, October 2nd-Camryn Sanders comes to have a book exchange with us!
  • Monday, October 5th-1st grade had been invited to visit the opening of the new park there. The time is to be announced.
  • Wednesday, October 14th-Winnie the Pooh day
  • Tuesday, October 27th-Pancakes for Parents
  • Thursday, October 29th-Fall Carnival-help will be needed!!! PTO meeting soon!