Clint MIckelson

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Water needs to be saved because we need to live and 3 days without water could mean death. all around the world people are dieing because of dehydration. think about it if a child dies every 3 seconds then how many die in one day ‘14,400 people die a day from dehydration” . when you think of going without water for like 5 hours imagine going without it for days, people around the world die because we can’t share our abundance of water cant we give them the trillions of gallons we waste yearly to them so they can drink water to survive. one way we can stop this is giving the water we don’t need or donate money to the foundations that can get them water. the causes of this is people don’t have it in the to just go and bring what the people need in other countries. we need to stand up made that number of people dieing 0 none no more death because we are selfish. its time to stand up and in any way get them what they need and get rid of dehydration