The Skeletal System

By: Frank Barton

Organ Functions

Main System Functions

  • gives the body shape and structure
  • give different parts of the body specific places to be in
  • protects the body from sudden impacts and disruptions
  • keeps the body together
  • keeps the body from collapsing
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Bone Functions

  • supports the body
  • protect internal organs
  • stores elements important to the body including essential minerals
  • makes the body grow
  • heal themselves after a fracture creates blood cells
  • creates blood cells

Bone Joint Functions

  • lets bones move
  • connects bones together
  • absorbs impact shock
  • provides a system of levers
Bones are made out of bone marrow, cancellous bone, and compact bone.

Tendon Functions

  • connects muscles to bones
  • gives the muscles somthing to move
  • keeps the bones and the muscles together in one place

Ligument Functions

  • connects bones together
  • keeps the bones aligned
  • keeps joints from coming out of place
Tendons and ligaments are made out of fibrous tissues.

Organ System Diseases


What is it: When the cartilage is worn and eroded.

Symptoms: Pain, and stiffness felt by bones.


What is it: When bones are weaker and more delicate.

Symptoms: The body will be weaker and bones will easily break.


What is it: When bones are thicker and softer.

Symptoms: Bones might easily break due to the bones softness and unusual shape.


What is it: When the spine has an abnormal

Symptoms: Long term back problems and aching felt on the back.

How to Stay Healthy

  • Making sure you are taking in an appropriate intake of Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Being carful to not break, or hurt your bones.
  • If you injure a bone make sure you receive proper medical attention.

How the Skelatal System Interacts With Other Organ Systems

The Muscular System

  • Muscles are attached to bones by the tendons.
  • Bones are moved by muscles.
  • If there weren’t any bones the muscles would have nothing to move.

The Circulatory System

  • Bone marrow is the main component in the body that produces blood cells.
  • The heart needs blood to pump throughout the body.
  • If the bone marrow doesn’t create blood then the heart has nothing to pump throughout the body and you will die.

Other Organ Systems

  • The skeletal system creates a hard structure that protects almost all other interior organ systems.
  • One of the skeletons most important jobs is to protect the nervous system by surrounding the spinal chord and the brain.

A person could live without a few bones such as the arm and leg bones but, if you had no bones your body wouldn’t have any structure and you would die.