Al Capone & St Valentines Massacre

By Sam Boyle

Al Capone

He was a famous gangster who organized horrible crime scenes and brutal crime acts. He was born from a poor immigrant family and he was most known for the Valentines day massacre. He was also known as scar face and was famous because of the press following him around for stories. I believe he was just a man trying the help out his people and the poor, but that does not pull him away from his reputation

St Valentines Massacre

It was a bad massacre that happened on Valentines day that left many men dead from shot wounds by Al Capone's gang all because of a fight over money. They dressed up as cops and invaded the hideout and pretended to arrest them before assassinating them. What they did to the other gang was illegal and wrong, and after that cops could not be trusted and it would be hard for people to respect them anymore.
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Al Capone Picture Citing

Photo credit: Al Capone Mug Shot, by Bertillon Photographs, Licensed under the public domain at Wikipedia commons