Weekly Technology Update

Written by Janet Kim, Edited by Janet Kim.

Apple vs Samsung

Apple, a famous company known worldwide, has released the thin, state of the art Iphone 6, as well as the much-anticipated Iwatch. Samsung doesn't seem to be far behind either, unraveling a long line of 5 star reviewed products, such as the high-tech, speedy Samsung Galaxy note 4 and the easy-to-use, reasonably valued Samsung Galaxy s5.
The debate has since been going viral, sparking the attention of the companies, themselves. Apple has previously sued Samsung 2 times, which created confused discussions online. Samsung has not struck back yet, but it is highly likely for another outbreak of confusion soon.
So far, Samsung seems to be in the lead, as Apple's Iphone 6 plus's reputation has been affected by the '#bendgate' and '#hairgate'.


but also, the samsung galaxy s5's common problems


Every company has its flaws, but some are just a complete nuisance. Which company will be the one to make all their customers nod their heads in appreciation? Or shake their heads in disappointment?