How They Beat The Street

By Michael DePamphilis

The Three Doctors In The Beginning

The three back then were normal kids who grew up in the hood. They all grew up not knowing what college looked like. They all go through their early years not knowing each other and not having a plan in life. Later on George, Rameck, and Sampson find themselves all going to the same high school at a early age with more hope in the their hearts that they will reach success.

The Three Doctors In The Middle

The three Doctors in the middle just met each other and became good friends in this stage of their lives. They over came many things. Some of the things they over came together were: pier pressure, high school, and they got into college then medical school, where they learned to become doctors as we know them today.

The Three Doctors Today

Today, the three Doctors spend their days as Doctors. They have brought success to themselves and others through becoming Doctors and writing a book. These three Doctors have been through many conflicts and problems and they all solved all these things together and this brought success which they deserve. This story of these three mens lives inspire me and will inspire more people that learn about their story.