Radio Waves

Sarah Grace Reno

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves

Four Uses

Radio waves have many different uses. Some examples are AM and FM radio, television, garage door opener, and a remote control.
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Stanford Engineering team invents sensor that uses radio waves to detect pressure changes

New Technology

My new technology is a sensor that uses radio waves to detect subtle changes in pressure.

This technology has already been used to monitor the brain pressure in lab mice, and can hopefully be used on humans. This technology sends out radio waves to the sensor, which then gives off a high or low frequency wave

Materials/Instruments Involved

  • Specially designed rubber
  • Two strips of copper


Because of the discovery of this new technology, we will hopefully be able to use this technology to make touch-sensitive lining for prosthetic devices in the future.

Date and Group

This sensor was invented by a research team that was lead by Professor Zehenan Bao and it was released on Friday, October 10, 2014.