Poetry Project

Josue G. and Larry H.

I Wish or If I Were in Charge

I Wish,

I wish I had more food,

I wish I had more games,

I wish I had more money,

I wish I had less boring classes,

I wish I had better handwriting,

I wish I had better grades,

I wish I had a happier life,

I wish I had a magic wand,

to make all my wishes,

come true.

Ballad - Larry

Warm as the sun rays

Touch soft as silk

Eyes sparkle as bright as stars

Smile is white as paper

Sitting here with you

At this loud bar

Drinking down the drunken road

Getting blurry and dizzy

Waking up on street

Seeing a hobo over me

Whispering look at me

And finally coming to reality

Free Verse - Cod AW

Can finally play

this Over rateD

gAme Wishing

that could reach

the level

probably staying forever