BORON!!! (is the Best)

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Boron Facts:)

Rough and Tough is how I would describe Boron. The element Boron is found in the earths crust to be more specific in the oldest layer. These rocks date back to 3.8 billion years ago. This element is special cause it was formed by fusion reaction in stars. Boron was formed after the so called "Big Bang.." unlike most elements. If you are wanting to be a farmer or have a garden then Boron is what you need. Some farmer had supplement their soil with Boron to boost crop yields. Without Boron you plants won't grow because Boron is an essential nutrient. There for you should buy Boron to help your plants and just because it's gorgeous. Another extremely awesome thing is, Boron Carbide is used in tank amor and bullet proof vest! How awesome is that!!!!

More Info:


Belongs to the Group 13 family.

Discovered by Louis Jacques thenard and Joseph-Loisi

Graylussac (In Paris) and Sir

Humphry Davy ( in London.)