LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 5, 2018

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March 6 - 7th & 8th Math Benchmark

March 7 - 8th Reading Benchmark & 7th Writing Benchmark

March 7 - Cheer Tryouts

March 7 - LVMS Current 8th Grade Parent Meeting (Course Selection)

March 12-16 - SPRING BREAK

March 22 - Course Selection Parent NIght


This past Saturday, February 24th some of our LVMS students traveled to San Antonio in attempt to qualify for state in Number Sense, Mathematics, Calculator, and/or Science. There are now a total of 7--LVMS students that have qualified for state; some in multiple events.

The following 6th graders qualified this week:

Reagan Phariss--Number Sense

Lincoln Smith--Mathematics

We will compete again this Saturday, March 3rd at the Regional Meet in one last attempt to qualify in events (students that have already qualified in an event do not compete in that event again until the TMSCA State Meet). The tests get increasing more difficult each week.

The TMSCA State Meet takes place on Saturday, April 21st in San Antonio at UTSA.

Please congratulate those that have already qualified and wish everyone good lunch as we move on to the Regional Qualifier.



Our track teams traveled to Blanco last Friday and competed against 7 other schools. Unfortunately, due to weather we were unable to compete in our field events. We had an impressive showing for our first track. Below you will find the highlights of the meet for the 8th and 7th grade track teams.

The 8th grade girls finished 3rd out of 8 schools with a total of 79.5 points. Here are the highlights from the 8th grade girls.

2400M run – Violet Stone - 3rd place

Makenna Walker - 6th place

4x100 relay – Kate Burke, Klarisa Polikaitis, Sarah Long, Emma Vincent - 1st place

800 Run – Violet Stone - 4th place

100M dash – Kristin Conine - 3rd place

100M hurdles - Brooke Bradberry - 4th place

Bella Zaleski - 6th place

4x200 relay – Kate Burke, Klarisa Polikaitis, Sarah Long, Emma Vincent - 1st place

300M hurdles – Brooke Bradberry - 5th place

4x400 relay – Violet Stone, Makenna Walker, Yulisa Juarez, Emma Vincent - 2nd place

The 7th grade girls also had a great meet. They finished 2nd behind Wimberley. Here are the highlights from our 7th grade girls.

2400M run – Kaytlen Rutledge - 5th place

4x100 relay – Sofia Xuereb, Lauren Villegas, Olivia Vincent, Saydie Kassell - 1st place

800 Run - Peyton Stoner - 4th place

100M Hurdles – Pauline D’Ogny - 1st place

Casey Parsons - 3rd place

Whitney Vaughan - 5th place

100M dash - Maya Ramsey - 3rd place

Kayla Rickels - 5th place

4x200 relay – Sofia Xuereb, Lauren Villegas, Olivia Vincent, Saydie Kassell - 1st place

400M dash - Carina Alwell - 6th place

300M hurdles – Whitney Vaughan - 1st place

Casey Parsons - 4th place

200M dash – Maya Ramsey - 6th

1600M run – Peyton Stoner - 3rd place

4x400 relay – Jazmin Camacho, Olivia Vincent, Pauline D’Ogny, Saydie Kassell - 3rd place

The 8th grade boys earned 1st place overall at the Blanco track meet. They scored a total of 115 points to bea7 other teams. Below are the highlights from the 8th grade boys.

4x100 relay – Scott Shepard, Jaden Hester, Cody Yeilding, Logan Parsons - 1st place

800 Run - Gavin Hester- 4th place

Nicholas Dezaux - 5th place

100M Hurdles – Bryce Jackson - 3rd place

100M dash - Logan Parsons - 1st place

Cody Yeilding - 2nd place

4x200 relay – Scott Shepard, Gavin Hester, Jaden Hester, Logan Parsons - 3rd place

400M dash - Mikey D’Ambrose - 2nd place

300M hurdles – Bryce Jackson - 2nd place

Braden Smith - 3rd place

200M dash – Cody Yeilding - 1st place

Jackson Carlton - 2nd place

4x400 relay – Braden Smith, Mikey D’Ambrose, Nicholas Dezaux, Scott Shepard - 3rd place

The 7th grade boys placed 4th out of 8 teams. Below are the highlights from the 7th grade boys.

2400M run – Liam Panter - 6th place

4x100 relay – Bowen Stobb, Konnor Karg, Miles Topo, Tristan Dezaux - 3rd place

100M Hurdles – Knox Renfro - 3rd place

100M dash - Berend Kahlden - 6th place

4x200 relay – Bowen Stobb, Konnor Karg, Miles Topo, Tristan Dezaux - 3rd place

400M dash - Carson Dohm - 6th place

300M hurdles – Knox Renfro - 5th place

4x400 relay – Bowen Stobb, Konnor Karg, Miles Topo, Tristan Dezaux - 3rd place


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5th Grade going to 6th Grade

Feb 27 LVMS Counselor, Mrs. La Rosa visits Mrs. Graham’s

5th grade classes for the course selection presentation

Mar 1 6:30 Parent Night LVMS Cafeteria

Mar 6 Course selection cards due to Mrs. Graham

6th Grade going to 7th Grade

Feb 20 Course selection presentation in Mr. Vitolas’ classes

The course selection cards were picked up and will be

given out closer in time to the parent night.

Mar 22 6:30 Parent Night LVMS Cafeteria

Mar 28 Enter course selections into TxMyZone

7th Grade going to 8th Grade

Mar 20 Course selection presentation in Mr. Birdwell’s classes.

Mar 22 6:30 Parent Night LVMS Cafeteria

Mar 27 Enter course selections into TxMyZone

8th Grade going to 9th Grade

Mar 7 1:20 LVHS Counselor, Mrs. Huerta, to do course selection presentation

6:30 Parent Night at the High School for incoming 9 – 12 grades.

Mar 8 Mrs. La Rosa will be available to answer questions about course

Mar 9 Course selection cards due back to school to enter information into TxMyZone during class time



We of course want to see your child in school everyday, but we recognize they will miss for a variety of reasons related to their lives outside of school. We've included the Spring testing calendar that you may use as you plan your respective families events for the semester.

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2018 Summer Camp Guide

For the past several years, Lago Vista ISD has put together a list of various summer learning opportunities in the Austin area that may be helpful to Lago Vista ISD parents and students who are looking for summer fun and learning options. This year, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Live Grow Play Austin for our 2018 Summer Camp Guide. As a result of this partnership, this year's summer camp guide is fully searchable by interest, location, date, price, etc.

To view the 2018 summer camp guide, visit:

Thank you Live Grow Play Austin for partnering with Lago Vista ISD and for providing this awesome guide for our families! It’s definitely not too soon to start thinking about what you want to do to have a great summer!

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Shirts for Sale

Help support the Lago Vista Vikings and the LVMS NJHS!
Get your Viking Gear NOW to help you stay warm during the cool weather season.

This fundraiser is to help with NJHS New Member Induction Ceremony, National Membership Fee, and to support NJHS activities.



Please visit our new website to order all your viking apparel!

Due to Spring Break, our next meeting will be March 20th @ 6:30 in the LVMS Library.

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Wondering What Happened to Your Child's Lunchbox?

We probably have it; and their shoes; and their sweatshirts; and their coats; and their water bottles; and their backpacks.....Please have your children look through the lost and found at LVMS for items you know they wore/brought to school, but have never seen again. Lunch boxes and water bottles will be in the cafeteria by the microwaves. Clothing and all other items will be in the atrium area just off outside of the front office. We will be coordinating with clothing closets to receive our unclaimed clothing items very soon!
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Yearbook Pricing

$35 to OWN

Click HERE to see what options are available.

You make the memories and we'll do the rest,

The 2018 Lago Vista Middle School Yearbook Staff


LVMS is proud to present Project Vinátta, our very first "No Place for Hate" student-led, anti-hate/anti-bullying coalition. It's called Project Vinátta, for that's the Viking word for friendship. Students participating in Project Vinátta will be conducting a variety of inclusive, anti-hate activities within the school and community throughout the year. Students had the opportunity to fill out an application to explain why they would be an asset to the group. The Project Vinátta Coalition will begin developing activities this week during Skolar time.

Any parents who might be interested in serving as the parent representative on our Project Vinátta Coalition, please refer to the application and video link below.

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When: 7:45am - 8:10am

Where: Viking Hall

What's Available: Tuesday and Thursday ELA and Social Studies

Wednesday and Friday Math and Science

How To Access: Tutorial Request Form on our Website at the link below

Copies of the TRF will also be available to students in their classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the front office and library.

Social Media Support

Lago Vista ISD recognizes that communication between campuses and parents is a crucial part of building a strong school-home partnership, which we greatly value. As such, the District is committed to providing open, two-way communication and encourages all Lago Vista ISD parents to share the same commitment.

While social media presents us with an amazing venue to share and exchange information, if a concern arises regarding your child, or child’s campus, please contact the campus immediately. This timely communication directly with the campus is a crucial first step in working with you to resolve your concerns. As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all concerns are addressed as quickly as possible, but

campuses are only able to assist with finding solutions when we are made aware of concerns through direct communication.

Thank you for your helping with Lago Vista ISD's continued efforts to build strong and effective partnerships with our parents!

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