Coretta Scott King

Pioneer of Civil Rights

Why I Selected Coretta Scott King:

She is an amazing role model and character to basically everyone. She has done so many great things. She also encourages youth to lay down personal standards for their lives and get there, also to not give into peer pressure and take your life one day at a time. She was very proactive while participating in the civil rights movements.

Things She Has Accomplished:

1. She was valedictorian of her graduating class at Lincoln High School

2. She graduated from Antioch with a B.A. (in music & education)

3. Completed degree in voice and violin

4. Was in "The Montgomery Bus Boycott"

5. Gaining citizenship for people throughout the Civil Rights movement

6. Journeyed to Africa to celebrate the independence of Ghanda

7. Public Speaker

8. Published Biography

9. Traveled to Africa, Latin America, Europe, & Asia

10. Remained active in the causes of racial & economic justice, and in her remaining years devoted energy to AIDS education & curbing gun violence

Universal Values:

I would say that her top universal values would be:

Equality, Respect, and Honesty

Why They Are a Good Mentor For Young Adults:

Coretta is a good mentor because she speaks out for everyone to be treated equal and have the same rights. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc. She also has very good ethics.
First Christmas without him. Inside MLK's home in 1968