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Staff Mini Pack Update 9/25/2015

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Principal's Pen

Dear Scott Staff,

We have been out and about starting observations this week. WOW! You are doing so many great things. We are truly impressed with the thinking, questioning, and clarity you all are seeking in your planning AND with your students. We can't say enough good things about you. One of the articles we read this week was about growing the capacity of our campus. It talked about a campus transformation and the impact the Reading Recovery specialist had on that campus. The Reading Recovery specialist realized that as part of a PLC community, she had to change her mindset about her job. She could use her knowledge and expertise with the 4 children she worked with every day, or she could empower her campus teachers by sharing her knowledge with them so they could in turn use that expertise to reach hundred of students. Powerful! Our charge is to grow each other, to share our knowledge, and build each other up. We want to encourage you to share with us the great things you are seeing among yourselves and your students.

Have a great weekend,

Paige and Leanne

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Fantastic Night at Fall Into Healthy Choices Night!

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Shout OUT to Coach Hendrix and Crew!

Run on over to Scott's running club!!

Mrs. Holden is HUMAN!! Howwwwwwl

Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT Sarah Holden! She set the bar for stellar ARD paperwork! She included descriptions that were right on target and had student work samples to support her findings! Go Sarah!
  • Huge Shout-Out Kacey Pennington! She is SO enthusiastic when offering help to the 4th grade teachers to support their student that is on a 3rd grade reading level! Thank you, Kacey!
  • A Big Howl to 3rd grade! They started off their collaborative learning discussing SPED kiddos in detail while Connie and Kim were there to support and offer ideas! Way to go!
  • Way to go Connie Bisby! Connie received an outside fluency grant for 32 students! We are proud of you, Connie!
  • A BIG HOWL to Sabrina for the incredible literacy training she is providing our staff.
  • Shout out to Julie Coalson for all your hard work, energy and perseverance (even overcoming getting locked out of the school on Saturday) in preparing us for College Week.
  • A Big Mini Pack Shout Out to Ms. Denise Keller for helping Julie Coalson get home after locking herself out of the school on Saturday.
  • Thank you Leanne Crane for keeping Paige on track and keeping her smiling and laughing daily.
  • Huge Shout Out to 5th grade for sharing their Grit and Goals with the Instructional Leaders.
  • Big Holler to Whitney Zorn for her amazing musical inspiration with our students. WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • Huge Shout Out to Stephanie McCracken for framing all our staff pictures and getting those hung. It looks amAzing!!!!
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Scott Staff Hard at Work!

Ms. Maynards Class in Music Sept 23, 2015
Ms Maynard's 4th grade class starting music.

Progress Report Grades Due

Monday, Sep. 28th, 8am


Walk to School Day

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7:15am

Reserves Amenity Center

We need as many staff as possible to walk to school with our students and their families. Jeans Pass for all that participate!

Heritage High School Football SCOTT & Sonntag Night

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7pm

6927 Stadium Lane

Frisco, TX

Let's show our Scott Spirit at Heritage High School Night. We would like as many of our Scott Staff to attend this event as possible.

FISD Staff: Free

Adults: $5

Students: $3

Kids with a SCOTT shirt on: FREE

Scott PTA

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