Together in Dance

Grade 10 Dance Assignment

Together, We Use Dance to Express Shape

Using the different dance elements we learned, we were able to create a floor pattern by bending and morphing our bodies into different organic shapes. By following the beat counts of the music, we were able to successfully create use our own dance routine using our organic shapes and various original transition movements.

Together, We use the Act of Lip-Sync with Aspects found in Dance

Using fun and upbeat music, we together as a group, were able to create a fun and creative dance. Additionally, we were able to use not only the elements and properties found in dance, but also those found in lip sync.


Dance is About Bringing People Together and Creating Bonds through Movement

Together, in Broadway

Using the elements surrounding lip syncing that we learned in our lip sync preformance, we improved our skills and cordnation through the dance of broadway. Together, as a group, we were able to learn new and interesting dance moves surrounding the song "One" from A Chorus line. 

Together, we succeed

Through the art of dance, we are able to not only improve our physical movements, but we develop long lasting relationships with the people we interact with. Dance allows us a chance to express ourselves in a new and creative way, allowing us to succeed as a group.