Website Launch Celebration with Karaoke and Dancing

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We're celebrating the launch of our brand new website at the 5 Star Saloon this Thursday (March 7th 2013 @ 10pm) with our very own Harlem Shake party and karaoke!

We will be filming our own edition of the Harlem Shake meme at 10pm. This means we need wacky people dressed in wacky costumes ready to have a good time dancing and drinking!

After the Harlem Shake, there will be karaoke with Meredith and her famous specialty drinks!

Also we will be collecting donations for our dear friend and bartender, Ashton who was killed last Wednesday in a wreck at the age of 26: we are trying to raise funds for his young daughter, which will be put in trust. Don't miss this!

If you don't know what the Harlem Shake is or anything about it, check out the youtube links below and learn a few moves before you come down!

See you Thursday!

Harlem Shake Compilation Part One

Harlem Shake

Thursday, March 7th 2013 at 9:30pm

132 West Street

Reno, NV

How to Do the Harlem Shake
9:30pm Rehearsal and overview of Harlem Shake

10:00pm We do the thing! And broadcast it for the whole internet to see!

10:30pm Karaoke Starts

5 Star Saloon

5 Star Saloon is Reno's premiere gay bar and club.