Hot Air Balloon

Algebra project by: Riley R, Keilyn M, Noah H.

Welcome to Hot Air Balloon Express, enjoy the ride!

1. Function of the first balloon is f(x)=800-20x

2. Table of balloon's altitude every 5 minutes

A graph of the balloon's altitude.

3. Before we could sight the balloon, it was at 900ft and descending. I know that because I sighted it on the x axis, so -5 was 5 minutes before we saw it.

4. At 39 minutes, it's at 20ft and descending. It takes 40 minutes for the balloon to reach the ground.

1st graph: how long the balloon takes to reach 20ft.

2nd graph: how long it takes for the balloon to land.

5. The function is f(x)=1200-20x

It takes 20 more minutes for the 2nd balloon to land than the first. The comparison between the two is that the 1st balloon started its descent earlier and ended earlier. The 2nd balloon started its descent later and ended later. The relationship for both balloons is that each balloon is descending at a constant rate.

1st balloon - Red

2nd balloon - Blue

6. The function is f(x)=800-30x

The 3rd balloon ends about 13 minutes earlier than the 1st balloon. The comparison for the 1st and the 3rd balloon is that they both start at the same time but the 1st balloon ends later than the 3rd. The relationship between the two lines is that both balloons are descending at a constant rate.

1st balloon - Blue

3rd balloon - Red

7. The function is f(x)=30x

The first and fourth balloon will be at the same altitude at 16 minutes and the altitude is at 480ft.

1st balloon - Blue

4th balloon - Red

This graphically means that by 16 minutes, both balloons intersect at 480ft in the sky(1st descending and 4th increasing) at a constant rate. The 1st balloon started to descend at 800ft and the 4th balloon started to journey at 0ft. They both intersected at 16 minutes and then kept moving.

8. The third balloon would have to start its descent at 1200ft to reach the ground at the same time as the first balloon.

What is the equation of the line?


Thank you for flying Hot Air Balloon Express, come back soon!