Metal and Colors in the sun

Made by: Joseph Keeports and Garrett Knox

Questions & Hypothesis

Does the wallpaper of a solar house change the temperature.Does tin foil or gray paper absorbed the light source faster than the other. Are hypothesis is tin foil is going to heat up faster than the gray paper.


Are independent variable is the color of wallpaper. Are dependent variable is the degrees in Celsius will rise because the color of the wallpaper is darker.

Controlled conditions

~Amount of time in light source

~Same solar houses

~Same color outside the house

~Same distances away from the light source

~Same orientation

~Same materials


1. 2 Solar houses

2. 2 Thermometers

3. Tin foil

4. Gray paper

5. Timer (Ipod)

6. Light source


1. Put the gray paper in one house, and put tin foil in the other.

2. Put thermometers in both houses

3. Face solar house toward the sun or light source

4. Put the houses in the light source for a half an hour, and check the temp. every 5 minutes.

5. Put temp. on the chart.

6. After your done with the chart put the info on to the graph.


We will record are data on a chart.

We will organize the info onto a double line graph in a meaningful way by spreading it out

Big image
Big image

Presentation of data

We will present this flyer on smore


Are results are tin foil absorbed more solar energy than gray paper. Which means metal absorbs more solar energy then any color in 30 minutes.