Poverty in Kentucky and Delaware.



Kentucky's highest poverty percent is 42.2%, its value percent is 17.7%.

In 2014 the poverty rate in Delaware was 935,614 , Kentucky's was 5 times that. 4,413,457.

In 2013 there were 800,635 people living in poverty. They were all living on the streets, they are known as hobo's. They're are wealthy people that walk or drive past them everyday with them begging for loose change. But yet, they don't give it to them. They're are some of them that just pretend like they're poor, But not usually.

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"Poor people put a low value on themselves and their efforts."


Delaware's highest percent is 31.1% its value percent is 19%.

In2013 Delaware's poverty rate was 925,240, in 2014 it was 935,614.

In 2013 the poverty rate in Delaware was 925,420 , Kentucky's was 5 times that too. 4,399,583.

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