Washington Weekly Update

May 11, 2020

Student Materials Pick Up at Washington

Dear Washington Families,

On Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15, we will be ready to bring parents into the gym to collect your child's belongings. In addition, this will be a time for parents to pick up student medication, to drop off any school library books, and to return books and other items to your teacher.

Special thanks goes out to our teachers and staff who have been working hard to collect all student belongings from the classroom and your child's locker. They then bundled these items together and transported everything to the gym.

Within the gym, we arranged student items in clear plastic bags, labeled with your child's name. Bags are organized by grade level and homeroom.

Families have been assigned a time to report to Washington by last name using the following schedule. If a different time or day works better for you, please let me know, and we will work with you accordingly.

Thursday, May 14:

8:00-11:00 Last Names A-C

11:00-2:00 Last Names D-G

2:00-5:00 Last Names H-L

Friday, May 15th

8:00-11:00 Last Names M-P

11:00-2:00 Last Names Q-S

2:00-5:00 Last Names T-Z

Other Information:

  • This is for parents only. Please do not bring students.
  • Parents will need to wear a mask.
  • Please practice current social distancing guidelines by maintaining 6 feet distance between others.
  • Enter through Gym Door 6 and exit from Door 7, so those entering and leaving will not pass each other.
  • Cones will be set up outside the gym entrance--6 feet apart if a line is needed.
  • Only 5 parents will be allowed in the gym at any time.
  • Tables will be set up and labeled by teacher last name. All items are bagged and labeled by student names.
  • Please return any textbooks, or other materials that belong to teachers that were borrowed. You may leave these on the tables by teacher last name.
  • Please return library books--carts will be labeled for collection.
  • Mrs. Tulley will have a nursing station set up for parents to collect student medications.

Thank you for your patience with us--we are so appreciative of all of your support!


Angie Brito


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Report Cards and Grades

At the end of Trimester 3, students will receive report cards which indicate a P (Pass) or I (Incomplete) for each subject area. Ms. Brito and Ms. VanArsdale will communicate with families if your child is currently earning an “Incomplete” so we can brainstorm strategies for improving your child’s performance. If you do not hear from administration this week, you can assume your child is on track for passing.

Student Chromebook Updates

During this unique pandemic situation, the district is instructing that your student keep their currently assigned Chromebook through the summer months. Please maintain the care and responsibility of the device just as you have over the school year. The expectation is that when the new school year begins, your student will return to school with their assigned Chromebook and case. For 5th grade students going to the middle schools, the exchange for their new Chromebook will happen in the fall when they become 6th graders. Students must hand in a Chromebook without damage in order to make the exchange. Due to various system modifications in preparation for the new school year, student Google accounts will be disabled from August 1st - 19th. This means that the students will not be able to login and use the Chromebook during that period of time. Student accounts will be reactivated on Thursday, August 20th. If there are any questions, please contact Kevin Glover at kglover@d64.org.

Bernie's Book Bank Collection at Washington May 14 and 15

We will be collecting books for Bernie’s Book Bank in the gym on May 14 and 15, and Bernie’s will ensure that the books are safe for distribution. Please only drop off books on the day you are scheduled to pick up personal items at Washington.

As a reminder, Bernie’s accepts quality fiction and non-fiction books for children from birth through 6th grade. Please, no workbooks or reference materials.

With schools and libraries closed, many under-served children in Chicagoland need books more than ever. As an exempt organization under the Illinois COVID-19 Executive Order, Bernie’s Book Bank continues to provide an essential community service and is still hard at work distributing books to children via school free meal programs. Every year, Bernie’s counts on the generous Washington community, and we hope you can continue to join with the PTO in supporting them.

5th Grade Photos and T-Shirt Reminders

Because Washington in-school learning and activities have been cancelled for the remainder of this school year, the PTO is hard at work on some exciting ways to safely celebrate our graduating 5th grade class!

One of the ways we will be commemorating our fifth graders is by sharing a video of their class consisting of photos of them during their time here at Washington. We would love if you all could please help us by sharing a few photos, preferably group photos, so that we can try to accommodate all of our 5th graders in the video as often as possible. Any photos from kindergarten to 5th grade will do! Here is the link to share your photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zZpmekpEC9Uz6pMg8

The deadline for photo submission is May 15th. We will also be including the student’s baby photo submissions (already collected) and their current 5th grade yearbook photos in this video, as well. The kids usually get a big kick out of identifying their classmates by their baby pictures:) Any questions about photo submissions please contact Jennifer Huber at jbaker6972@yahoo.com.

In keeping with tradition, the PTO also will be providing each student with a very cool and FREE Lincoln Middle School t-shirt in preparation for the big transition to Lincoln! To collect student's t-shirt sizes, we are asking for your help. Please click on this google form to share sizes and delivery method preference. 5th Grade T-shirt Form. (** We have revised the google form to add student’s name and your email address so please double check your responses If you have already completed the form. Thanks so much! ) We ask that these forms be completed by this Wednesday, May 13, to allow us time for ordering and delivery. Any questions, please contact Meg Duggan at megduggan1@gmail.com.

Another way we will be honoring the 5th graders is with yard signs. The PTO will be providing a Washington Wildcats yard sign to each 5th grade student for them to personalize. We would love for each student to put their first name and a special memory from Washington on the sign. Other decorations are also welcome. The signs will go in front of your home. Since they will be outside, it's best to use permanent markers or other water-proof materials. Any questions, please contact Michelle Charley at matullett@yahoo.com.

The PTO thanks you all for your assistance in this special project and,in the meantime, will keep you posted on any other social distancing safe celebratory activities we have planned. We wish the very best to your families and our 5th graders!!

Instrument Returns

Some families may have questions about instrument returns. If the family is renting their instrument, they should return it directly to the rental company. (We have a representative from Quinlan & Fabish that comes to the schools twice a week during the year to service/repair instruments. At the end of a typical year, he is able to collect rentals. However, this year due to the circumstances, the company is asking families to do a curbside drop off at the rental company.) The majority of students continue renting through the summer, though some may choose to stop renting and start up again in the fall. They arrange their rental with the company on their own. If the student is using a school-owned instrument, they should email their band/orchestra teacher.

Fall Registration

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year has begun. This is for all returning, kindergarten, and transferring students. Parents can login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on "Forms 20-21 Registration" in the navigation menu on the left. Fill out the forms under the "Enrollment" tab and upload any necessary documents when requested. Please register your child in a timely matter so we can staff our building appropriately. If you have any questions, please contact Lea O'Neill (loneill@d64.org) or Michele Navarra (mnavarra@d64.org).

Learning Boards are Updated

All learning boards have been updated for this week. Please visit the remote learning website for additional details.
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