Principal's Update

December 2020

Reflection and Hope in this Season of Giving

Hello Arroyo School Community,

Now is a time of reflection during this season of giving. Although we all recognize the challenges of 2020, we must reflect on the grace and gratitude of the year. Before we race to move into 2021, let us reflect on the blessings, the growth and the opportunities made to us from our challenges. Before we move forward, let us reflect on how we worked to be our best to others and ourselves, in spite of the challenges. Remember the best of ourselves is what helped us get to “hope.” Ah yes, we are now in a better mind frame to be hopeful. A new year is coming, changes are coming (always), and more positive thoughts, language, and actions are being identified. We must be reflective in learning more about ourselves in our individual journeys. I am asking you all to be reflective to find your best selves for you, your families, your community and our school community. Our work together is all interrelated; all we have done individually and together over the years allows us to reflect to find ways to be better. We are all hopeful for better - for ourselves, for our families and for our school community. In the spirit of giving, I give to you all my hope, peace, and blessings for a better new year. Remember also, we rise above our circumstances, reflect on how others and we do that. Maya Angelou and Andra Day really inspire me to work to rise above my circumstances. I am asking you to consider their inspiration for us. I have added their links to use as I have. From our administrative team, let’s all reflect and think about how we can be our best in bring in and sustaining in the new year, happy holidays.

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
Andra Day - Rise Up [Audio]

Save the Date!

Wellness Wednesday Webinar: Supporting Parents Supporting Scholars

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2021 at 6:30pm

This is an online event.

We are happy to announce our third Wednesday Wellness Webinar (WWW) which will be occurring on January 6th, 2021 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Click here for the Zoom link.

The WWW is a monthly session designed to support parents as they support their scholars during distance learning.

This month’s webinar will feature drop-in style breakout rooms for the following groups and topics:

  • #1 Freshman support, led by Ms. Gandhari and Mr. Waranoff and will include information about our new Math tutoring program
  • #2 Senior support, led by Ms. Schooler and Ms. Adams featuring Q+A about college AND financial aid applications (FAFSA)
  • #3 Mental Health support, led by Ms. Laura Mitchell Morton and AHS mental health clinicians featuring information about the wellness center and other supports for scholars in need
  • #4 SPED support, led by Ms. Mary Ainsworth with Ms. Rici Shovein and Ms. Rosie Bermudez, featuring a Q+A session and resource presentation for families of students receiving special education services

  • #5 Attendance and Engagement support featuring Mr. Kristian Hinz, Ms. Rocio Gonzalez-Romero, Mr. Mikal Dace, and Ms. Shannon Bode. This room supports families with accessing Aeries and understanding how student attendance and engagement works during distance learning, along with troubleshooting for technology issues around Zoom, Google Suite of Apps for education, and Aeries.

As always Administration will be available in the main room for drop-in support and/or questions. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions or concerns or suggestions for future support sessions, please email Mr. Mack (Mr. Sam McClymont)

Finals Schedule - January 13th - 15th

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Athletics Update

The governing body for high school sports in California, has announced that we are postponing the start of our Season 1 sports. We are hoping to start our season in the beginning of January, but the start date is dependent on updated guidance from the Governor's office along with the Alameda County Public Health Department. The CIF is hopeful that new guidelines will be published as early as the first week in January, but until then, our sports are on hold until further notice.

Keep up to date at the Athletics Website.

Scholar & Family Supports

Math Learning Labs

We are excited to offer Math Learning Labs for each of our math classes! Learning Labs are an added opportunity for our students to get help in their math classes. Each Learning Lab has a math teacher and student tutors available to give individual and small group support to students who are having a hard time in class. This is a great opportunity to get caught up, get ahead, or feel more confident as we get closer to the end of the first semester.

Please visit our Learning Labs website for more information:

Aeries: The Parent Portal to Grades and Attendance

As you may be aware, the district shifted our grading calendar for this year. The old system sent only progress reports for grades at or below C- along with an 8-week quarter grade. Now each student should receive a grade for each class at the end of each 6-week marking period, along with the semester grade, which goes on the official transcript, at the end of January.

The best way for parents and guardians to stay on top of students' grades is to be active on your Aeries Parent Portal. To log in, you'll need your parent portal email address and password. Below is a short video highlighting the important grade and attendance information for you to see. The links to both the parent portal and the info video are included here:

Please reach out to Ms. Adams for help accessing your Aeries Parent Portal at

Chromebooks & Textbooks

Do you need Tech Support?

Call the Technology Community Line at (510) 317-4754 or email them at

Do you need a Chromebook or other materials?
Please come to the AHS library Monday-Thursday between 12:00-2:45 pm to pick up a device. Please bring your id (it can be an old one) or current schedule and don't forget your mask!

Textbooks are also available at these times.

Do you need a Hotspot?

Please complete the Student Technology Needs Survey and Agreement.

If you have filled out the Student Technology Needs Survey, you should be hearing from TIS shortly. You do not need to fill out the survey again.

For more help from TIS, please check out their District webpage.

Wellness Center & Coordination of Student Services

Does your scholar need a little extra support? Our Virtual Wellness Center is taking appointments through this form: Wellness Center Check In. Scholars can meet with our school social worker, Ms. Mitchell-Morton, and receive some tools to help them through their day.

If your scholar has needs related to academic performance, mental/behavioral health, mentoring, traditional health-care needs, internal/external athletics, art, music, employment, etc. If you are in need of additional support, please complete the COST Referral Form.

If it is an emergency, please contact administrators or school counselors

for an immediate intervention for the student.

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Student Transit Pass

The Student Transit Pass Program (STPP) provides free youth Clipper cards to eligible middle and high school students in Alameda County which can be used for unlimited free bus rides in their area (on AC Transit, Union City Transit or LAVTA Wheels), as well as a 50 percent discount on BART trips and youth discounts on other transit systems.

Check out the AHS website for more information!

Administrative Team by SLC

Counseling Team by Grade