Animal Farm

Shatara Heyward


Napoleon is a lazy and manipulative pig. During the battle of cowshed Napoleon had been nowhere to be found and when he came into power he started to change commandments and lie to the animals because they weren't as educated as him and other pigs on the farm. Boxer always said thought the book that '' Napoleon is always right ''
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Power Coruption

After snowball had been chased off the farm, Napoleon had made himself the leader of animal farm. Once he became leader he started making bad decisions and killing any animal that goes against him
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Battle of Cowshed

The farmers teamed up to try to capture animal farm and the animals fought back. At the end of the battle the animals won but lost the life of a sheep. From then on the shot a gun a farmer left on every Sunday in honor of the sheep and their independence.
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Animal Farm Flag

The flag represents animal farm's independence from a owner