Titanic Survivor Tells Her Story

By: Ravin Atchison

Her Life

Her name is Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff Gordon. She born on June 13.1863. She was 48 when she was on the Titanic.
The Titanic was 882 feet long , with nine decks. The Titanic was as high as an eleven-story building. It was called unsinkable because it had been designed so that she could still float, but if the 4 compartments were flooded. Lucy was travelling in First Class and her ticket cost E56 18s 7d.
The Titanic avoided a head-on crash, but instead the iceberg hit a glancing blow along the Titanic's starboard bow. Tons of ice fell on the ship's decks as the iceberg brushed along the side of the ship and passed through the night. Lucy her husband Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff and their secretary were rescued on life boat 1.

Life After the Titanic

After the crash on the Titanic Lucy and her husband moved to London. And she become a dressmaker.Sir Cosmo died in 1931. Lucy died in 1935 on April 20th. Because of Pneumonia.