TPCA Nifty News

April 30, 2015

Eagle Tech Corp

(conributed by Dr. Tom Ho): Motivated by the enthusiasm of Traders Point Christian Academy sixth graders for our Google Apps for Education pilot project under the mentorship of 6th-grade teacher Lisa Mais, I recruited some of her students to attend the Hoosier Student Digital Leaders inaugural conference (#HSDLead). As a result, they have launched our Eagle Tech Corps (ETC) to support our upcoming 1-to-1 deployment of Chromebooks in grades 7 and 8.

So what can we expect from them? I have some ideas, but I expect them to exceed my expectations! In the meantime, we will be planning how we can help their classmates and even their teachers as we deploy Google Apps for Education and the Chromebooks during the upcoming school year.

Read the #HSDLead story! We are part of it!

TPCA Grad Receives Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor

Olivia Byely, a member of TPCA's first high school graduating Class of 2012, was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society on Sunday, April 12, 2015. She is a junior at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. To qualify as an undergraduate,a nursing student must have maintained a 3.00 GPA and must be graduating in the top 10% of their entire Junior class. We are so proud of Olivia and her accomplishments! Proud mom, Debbie Byley, teaches 2nd grade with us; little brother, Isaac Byely, is in 10th grade here at the academy.

Preschool: Mom Spa, Fun Days, Singing & More

As the 2014-2015 school year winds down, our preschool breaks into a flat out sprint to the finish line! If picturing a four-year-old trying to paint their mom's finger nails during Mom Spa Day doesn't make you smile, nothing will. Here's a schedule of their upcoming events.

May 7th -Mom Spa Day for Fours Mrs. Stamper's class

May 8th -Mom Spa Day for Fours Mrs. Lavender's class

May 13th -Family Fun Day, PDO from 9:15 to 11:15am

-Parent Fun Day, Twos with Mrs. Bernhardt's class from 9:00 to 11:30am

May14th- Parent Fun Day, Twos with Mrs. Bernhardt class 9:00to 11:30am

-Parent Fun Day, Twos with Mrs. McCollum's class at 9:15-11:15am

May19th- Closing Program for 3s (Mrs. Remender and Mrs. Evans ) classes @ 6:00 PM

-Closing Program for 3s+(AM and PM) classes @ 7:15 PM

May20th - Last days of class for PDO, (M/W) Twos, Threes Plus, Mrs. Lavender's Fours.

-Closing Program for 4s (Mrs. Lavender's) class @ 6:00 PM

-Closing Program for 4s (Mrs. Stamper's) class @ 7:15 PM

May 21st- Last days of class for (T/TH) Twos, Threes, Fours (Stamper), Fours Plus.

-Closing Program for Fours Plus @ 6:00 PM

Joint HS/2nd Grade Purdue U Field Trip

On April 23 High school biology students from Traders Point paired up with second graders for a field trip to the Purdue School of Entomology (otherwise known as the “Bug Bowl”) to study the life cycles of insects and plants. Afterwards, they "made like a tree to leaf" and munched lunch at Columbian Park where they branched out to play together on the huge playground and toured the zoo. Everyone blossomed as they learned together took root to make new friends. Best field trip of the year!

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Top Students Inducted to National Honor Society

Traders Point Christian Academy inducted 13 new members into the National Honor Society (NHS) on April 13. In case you didn't know, since 1921 NHS has been the nation's premier organization to recognize outstanding high school students. (To learn more visit the NHS website). Outstanding students in grades 11 and 12 are nominated by staff, and then must submit an application which is reviewed by staff. Selected students are notified and participate in a time-honored ceremony to formally become members of the NHS.

Check out the photo above. Impressive group, yes? Seniors and current members Myriam Rangel and Hannah Harris (front, left) helped lead the ceremony. New members included juniors Elle Remender, Hannah Lee, Delaney Krueger and Katie Harris, as well as seniors Ann Powell and Jacy Hill. Pictured in back row: Principal Jason Klingerman with new members juniors Gabe Schaffer, Bennett Sayre, Isaiah Mears, Ethan Kanzler, Luke Hughes, Dustin Broyles, and Alexander Perry, joined by Head of School Ron Evans.

Odds & Ends: Scholarships & Retirement

2015-2016 Scholarship status: scholarship funds for 2015-2016 are nearly depleted....just so you know. If applying for those is in your plan, you better submit those yesterday.

2015 Retirement party: just a reminder that we've got a few cherished teachers that will be retiring from full-time teaching at the end of the school year. These ladies have more combined years of teaching than I know how to count and have ministered to and loved hundreds of students. You and every former student of theirs are invited to celebrate their service at a reception on May 12th from 4 pm - 6 pm at TPCA. Spread the word so current and former students and families can join in. Honorees are: Ann Bernhardt (preschool), Emily Shreve (kindergarten), Debi Huskins (1st grade), Paula Fisher (4th grade), Gail Powell (secondary Choir). We used "full-time" for a reason - some of these ladies may show up this fall in a part-time roll, continuing to serve our students!

Educational Pun of the Week

In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day:

There are three ways to get something done: hire someone to do it, do it yourself, or forbid your kids to do it !

Rapid Reminders (things we really want you to remember)

  • Open Enrollment for New Students - now open and ongoing until we fill up
  • Summer Camp Signups - now open
  • National Day of Prayer activities - May 7th
  • Full Year International Student Hosting applications - due May 15
  • HS Graduation - May 31st