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The first people in Texas were the Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, and the Lipan Apache Native American tribes. They were farmers, hunters, and gatherers. The men would hunt wild animals with bows, arrows, and spears while the woman gather as many acorns, berries and roots as they can for the tribe. The children of these tribes helped when they are old enough and strong enough. Growing corn, beans, and squash was common among these people. Most of them live in wickiups, which are sort of like a round tepee made of straw and other materials. One of the main things they had in common was that they all respected nature as a gift from the creator.

Spanish explorers were the Europeans in Texas. They put Texas under Mexican control. The Texans were angry at the Mexicans for taking their land, and declared independence in 1836. They fought hard for their freedom. An example of how hard they fought was at the Alamo, a fort in San Antonio. The Mexicans outnumbered the Texans 4 to 1. The Texans fought hard, but unfortunately, the battle was lost and every defender was killed. "Remember the Alamo!" became a battle cry and charged everyone's spirits. After a long hard war, the Texans won. They became the Independent Republic of Texas. In 1845, Texas became the 28th state of the U.S. Stephen Austin and several settlers settled on the Brazos river, which was the first American, not Mexican settlement in Texas.


If your trying to have fun in Texas there is a lot of stuff to do. In the summer you could visit the Texas state fair, and eat corny dogs, fried cookie dough, and funnel cakes. If that doesn't appeal to you, you could visit a real rodeo with bona fide cowboys. Maybe if your up to it you could jump into a swimming hole in Central Texas. You could also drive over to south Padre Island and watch rare sea turtles hatch and race to the water. You could maybe also dance the Texas two step.
70% of Texans are employed. They have jobs like, oil drilling, they also do cattle drives. They also mine sulfur, coal, salt, and gypsum.


The red river is the border with Oklahoma. Many parts of Texas, like the coastal plains and the Great Plains have many cattle ranches and rich farmlands. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio are in this region. The piney woods, which are pine and cypress forests, are also in this region. Some people in Texas call central Texas the rocky hill country. Austin and San Antonio are in this part of Texas. Caddy Lake is the only natural lake in Texas. Brownsville has had no snow for 100 years because it Texas rarely gets cold.

Fun facts

Texas is a fun place to visit. It has a wide variety of scenery. Texas is also the second largest state. It is a really nice state and the Texas motto is "friendship". Texas is also known as the lone star state. Did you know that more wool comes from Texas than any other state. Austin the capital of Texas is also the music capital of the world. The lighting whelk is the official state shell, the the Mockingbird is the state bird, and the state flower is the blue bonnet.