Big Prawn kills a hundred

By Amia 5D

Watching my true home disapear

That was the scariest morning life.I woke up to the loudest rumble of thunder i have ever heard. Little did I know that what followed would be even scarier.

Tuesday, Dec. 26th 2028 at 12pm

Ballina, Australia Nsw

Later that morning

I was in Ballina, NSW for a holiday. And it was boxing day, the day after Christmas. We were going for a swim and the beaches were packed.

Before the earthquake

Before the earthquake the ground rumbled as a fore shock occurred there was a roar as the guard tower fell to the ground. We had just arrived at the beach to find people rushing around the guard tower. We couldn't swim either, the waves were just getting bigger and bigger. The temperature was rising too, it went from 29 degrees to 31 degrees in an hour.

During the earthquake

Soon the waves were way too big. The life guards had told everyone to leave. By now it was around 12:04. There was a rumble as the earthquake began. There were more than three fires that started up as buildings with lunch cooking smashed to the ground. Some of the fires were only five minutes away from my house. At 12:05 the ground rumbled, shook and quaked. Everyone was screaming panicking and running as more building fell down. A 2 to 4 metre tsunami occurred at the beach and thousands of cars were covered in water.

The Big Prawn's catastrophe!

In town bus loads of people had gathered to see Ballina’s massive 9 metre, Big Prawn. When the iconic landmark crashed to the ground a hundred people (and one chihuahua) lay dead, crushed by the giant prawn.

The rescue

Rescue authorities helping search, finding people under the rubble.Screaming sounds fill the streets and people are STILL crying, screaming and running. They found two people under a desk in the rubble! ;)


Cierra said ' i was in my pool in the backyard, swimming and suddenly the whole pool started to shake and big waves came up. I quickly jumped out in terror!'


Mariella said ' i was flying my new kite in the backyard then the ground ripped apart and my house fell down. I ran to my friend's house and hid under her desk.


This was the first earthquake in Ballina and also the scariest day of my life. This town will never be the same.
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