Fashion Industry

'The True Cost' - Official Trailer

Viewing Comprehension

· During the Industrial Revolution who set prices for clothing? Who sets prices now?

· What happened in Bangladesh in 2013 to draw world attention to the garment industry there?

· Describe the increase in clothing production and clothing seasons using numbers.

· Why is clothing a deflationary product?

· When production costs have to be cut who is squeezed? How did some of the factory owners in the documentary respond to this squeeze?

· How and why is the environment impacted by this increased production and disposal of clothing?

Divided over Bangladesh

Discussion and Reading Comprehension

  1. What responsibility do Western companies have to ensure the health and safety of the workers who manufacture the clothing they sell?
  2. Which response is better: the Walt Disney Company’s decision to stop manufacturing in Bangladesh or Loblaw’s decision to stay in Bangladesh and push for tougher safety standards? Why?
  3. Do we as consumers have any responsibility for the workers in other countries who make our clothing? If yes, how do we exercise that responsibility? What should or can we do?