Giving, getting and using it!

Why should I give feedback?

  • You will need to give feedback to pose ideas, receive support and reiteration that you are “on track” and to help you problem solve any issues with your project.
  • Sometimes feedback may be one on one with your teacher, other times it may be to a small group or your whole class.
  • Your feedback may even help other students in your class who are experiencing issues with their project!

How can I give feedback?

POP up Sessions

You will have the opportunity to provide feedback in designated 5 minute “pop up” sessions every 2 weeks during the project.

These “pop up” sessions will involve:

- 2 minutes of uninterrupted talk time to update your teacher on your progress, issues you are encountering, ideas you have come up with and specific assistance you may need.

- 2 minutes of feedback from your teacher on what you have discussed with them

- 1 minute of planning for action, this may involve a list of things for you to research, improve or focus on to assist you in planning for a successful project.


Your teacher may ask you to participate in an online forum discussion.

This may involve responding to a focus question, providing your opinion on topic or sharing your ideas with the class.

Remember, when participating in a forum:

  • to be considerate of other's opinions and views
  • to use appropriate language and netiquette
  • to express your opinion and ask questions to help your learning

How will I be assessed on my feedback?

Feedback may be documented by your teacher to enable them to keep track of your progress. This is called formative assessment. It allows your teacher to record that you have demonstrated reflective, team work, evaluative and problem solving skills.

Marks will not necessarily by assigned to each feedback session, your actions that have resulted from the feedback sessions do!