Two theories of Ageing

  • Activity Theory:

This theory argues that older people need to stay mentally as well as socially active the reason being in to limit the risks associated with disengagement. Also so the elderly maintain an interest in life, so they appreciate the company of others. If this was not happening and too much disengagement was taking place it would then lead to a loss of there physical skills which is not supposed to happen that's why the theory is there for.

  • Disengagement Theory:

This theory tells us that older people will need to disengage from any sort of social contact with other individuals. The reason why older people will disengage is because of the age they're at their ability to socialize and do phyaical activities is reduced due to there health.

  • Continuity Theory:

This theory argues that older people will normally continue with a regular lifestyle of who they are as an individual as well as continue to readjust the self concept they developed in their life. So they need to continue with the interests they may have had and the lifestyle they may have had.

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