The culture of Cameroon

The People

Cameroon's population of 16.1 , and is growing at 1.97 percent annually. More than half the people live in rural areas, but cities are growing rapidly. Cameron has about 240 languages. Nearly 100 have written forms. More than half the population are Christians, with about twice as many Catholics as Protestants.

Customs and Courtesies

Men take hand shakes very seriously, and uses them to greet friends or even coworkers they see every day. The people eat the main meal in the evening. Elders are always served first, and the food has to be blessed. Rural woman eat by the cooking fire with the children, not with the men, or older boys; woman also serve the meal.


Rural families often have about 10 children. Urban families are smaller. A woman can be sent back to her family if the husband is not satisfied.


Cameroon is a unitary republic. The president is chief of state and appoints a prime minister aas head of government. The hospitals often cannot provide basic care. Patients' families must supply food, medicine, and some care. Villages often have local clinics staffed by nurses. Cameroons main diseases are Malaria, Cholera, and AIDS.