Kiara and Marzs pup struttin'

by: Maria Rice & Kiara Karim

what the business name?

the name of this business is kiara and marzs pup strutting, its a store where we walk dogs an have every supply you could image for puppies and dogs. your dog can stay at our kennels hotel for the pups, an gets a bath while they stay with us

what the logo look like?

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some amazing products we sell?

food and water bowls, dog food, collars, dogs beds leashes. i.d tags, every an any kind of dog toy you could image, brushes, shampoo, conditioner. cadges, for litter dogs clothes. lil boots. and very much more, come and see yourself(:

pricing ranges????

we have very few high prices at our store, we are very reasonable. our cadges our about 100$-250$ depending on the size you get. larger ones are the more pricey ones. but toys 10$ or less treats an bones are very cheep, and every trip your little pup comes gets a free baggy of a treats. we price our stuff very lower
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one of our big benefits of out bushiness is that we have a couple of promotions. every 5 dog washes/grooming you get a free groom an wash with doggie treats. bring your dog or pup in an you get a free toy.

slogan logan timeeeeeee