"OWL"Standing Classroom News

Mrs. Mullins's Second Grade

Classroom Curriculum

Week of January 9, 2015:

Marvelous Math:

Weekly Learning Target: I can use equal groups to multiply and divide.

*Today, we started Chapter 5 in our Math in Focus program. Chapter 5 introduces the students to simple multiplication and division using the concept of equal groups.

*Please check your child's green folder for a detailed note explaining this new chapter.

*I have included the IXL math link below. This is a free math website and an excellent resource for practicing math concepts and skills at home.

Reading Rocks:

Weekly Learning Target: I can name a variety of traditional tales.

*During the next few weeks, we are going to explore stories that were originally told by word of mouth. These types of stories are called traditional tales. We will learn about 4 types of traditional tales: Folktales, Fables, Fairy tales, and Legends.

Words are Wonderful:


Weekly Learning Target: I can write to entertain others.

*We will begin a new narrative unit of study this week.. A narrative is a piece of writing that tells a story. We will discuss in more detail how to develop a bold beginning, a strong middle, and an excellent ending for our stories. Students will learn how to add details that include internal thinking, physical description, character action, and dialogue.

Word Study:

Weekly Learning Target: I can spell words with the 3-letter clusters.

*Due to the fact that I was out sick for several days last week, I have extended last week's spelling list into this week. Please spend a few more days practicing words that begin with SCH, SCR, SPR, and STR. We will take the test on Wednesday afternoon.

*Don't forget to visit www.spellingcity.com for a fun way to practice spelling words. See link below.

Science Unit of Study: What is Matter?

Weekly Learning Target: I can explain the meaning of the scientific word, "Matter".

*The students were very excited to begin our first science unit. During this unit, we are going to study how everything in our world is matter. Matter takes up space, has mass, and can be described using properties. This unit is a quick unit that will wrap-up with a study guide and test.

Mark Your Calendar with These Upcoming Events

February 10: The 100th Day of School!

PTO Meeting at 9:00 a.m. in Media Center

February 11: Valentine's Celebration in Mrs. Mullins's class

February 12: State Road Night at Hungry Howies

February 13: No School

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day

February 16: No School

February 26: State Road Night at Leo's Coney Island: Support our 3rd Grade Classes

Typing Web

This is a free online typing program that teaches proper keyboarding skills. In the future, students will be taking state assessments on the computer where they will be asked to type to compose opinion, informational, and narrative pieces of writing. It is going to be crucial that even the youngest of students have a strong knowledge of a computer keyboard. I encourage you to utilize this program with your child at home. I have included the link to the program below. I have set-up an account for each child.

Username: your child's first initial, full last name, and oo... for example, cmullinsoo

Password: your child's first and last initial... for example, cm