All about me :D

By: Kailey Murphy

Little bity facts about me.

My full name is Kailey Ann Murphy, my dad named me this because he says it's 100% Irish.
Right now I'm 15 but I turn 16 in October! :D
Hobbies of mine? Art and music is a top priority! I also love reading, baking, and always out to help!

What I do and where I'm from?

In the summer, my dad currently lived in new jersey because of his job. The effect by this my step mom and I went from Latrobe to New Jersey, it was a five hour drive but we made it! We went to the beach multiple times. For the Fourth of July, (my step mom's birthday) my dad had this "extravaganza" as he put it. We saw a band, South Side Johnny, got to see the Macy's fireworks on a boat. We also went to new York for our family reunion! But when I wasn't traveling, i was either drawing, or reading, or just straight up hanging out with my friends. My books i read are by John Green ( Looking for Alaska is just so good) or I'll see what other fiction books I'll read at Walmart or Barns and Noble.

This is my first year at Palcs!!!