Comparing and Contrasting Stories

Cinderella Vs. Yeh-Shen


  • Had to clean every day
  • Slept in very small room
  • Was treated horrible


  • Was poor
  • lived in cave
  • had gold shoe

what happend in cinderella

Cinderella was doing chores and did was in rags.She had a dad and a mom but her mom died and got a step mom and three step sisters that treated her bad. there was a ball Cinderella asked but step sisters declined.The step sisters got there dresses on and went to the ball. Cinderella's god mother apeared and granted her three wishes

What happend when in Yeh-Shen

She was poor but she kept a secret from her mom.She had a magical fish that granted her wishes.Mom killed fish and Yeh-Shen was sad.She lost her golden shoe .King married Yeh-Shen
Characters on Cinderella:Cinderella Prince step mom Step sisters|

|Conflict Cinderella lost slipper. yeh-shen lost gold shoe. characters on yeh shen.

Yeh-shen stepmom king