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SKE School Counseling Newsletter-1st Edition

Need Assessment for 2022-2023 School Year

A need assessment is normally completed at the beginning of every school year. This form allows school staff to get a better understanding of what your thoughts are on the current school counseling program. It not only gives me an idea of what topics I should cover in classroom lessons, but also helps me see what our students may need help with this year. The answers collected will determine what topics and resources are given in future newsletters as well. Make your voice heard. After you complete the assessment, your name will be put into a drawing for a free gift card from a local restaurant on September 30th!


My name is Kriston Ramsey (although the kids know me as Ms. K) and I am the school counselor for South Knox. As a school counselor, I help students solve problems they may have or help if they are feeling certain emotions. I meet with kids one-on-one, in a group, or in the classroom. Classroom lessons focus on social, emotional, academic, and career skills to better prepare our students for the future. This year I will be sending out a monthly newsletter to let you now what we have talked about in the classroom and give you further resources! Please note the only day I will be in the building is Tuesdays.

Family Counseling Referral Form

If you would like for me to speak to your child, please complete the referral form by clicking the button below. You can also find this form on the school counseling website for South Knox and on your students Canvas page under the caregivers button located at the school counseling page. I can also be reached at and at (865) 579-2100.

School Morning Stress

School mornings are the best...said no one. Often times school mornings are filled with endless reminders to grab backpacks, making sure your student has all their necessary clothing on, getting everyone out the door in time, and not pulling any hair out in the process. If you think school mornings should be the next Olympic sport, here are some tips from the Child Mind Institute that can help getting to school a little less painful:

  • Plan Ahead-Try to do as much as you can the night before. This can include pre-packing school lunches, laying out your student's clothes, or having their backpack zipped up and ready to go for the morning.
  • Prioritize the essential-Decide what your student must do before they leave for school versus what you want them to do. Sometimes students may not get to everything in the morning but if they can do all the things they HAVE to do then that is a win.
  • Use visuals-Having pictures or images of what needs to be done can be very helpful for younger children still learning how to be independent.
  • Set rewards-Having a small reward if your student gets ready in a certain time frame can help motivate them to be on time.
  • Remain Calm-Take a deep breath and know you will get through this. Things will get easier as the school year moves forward.

Counseling Lessons in August

Since it is the beginning of the year, Ms. K's first counseling lesson for all students focus on the job duties of a school counselor. I like to describe my job as a problem solver and feelings teacher. I can help students solve problems (like with friends) and can help them when they are having tough feelings (like feeling sad or angry). I also let students know how they can talk to me if they need to. Students can complete a form online through Ms. K's Canvas page, visit Ms. K's office, or let their teacher know. Next month counseling lessons will focus on the following things for each grade level:

Kindergarten: Listening

First Grade: Teamwork

Second Grade: Conflict Resolution

Third Grade: Coping Skills

Fourth Grade: Gossip and Rumors

Fifth Grade: Learning Styles

Counseling Wish List

Other than giving me your feedback, another way you can help support SKE counseling program is by purchasing any items on the SKE Counseling Wish List. Purchasing items is fully optional but all purchases are greatly appreciated!