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As we say goodbye to February and welcome March, we are excited to enter into our Lenten season. March 2nd is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of 40 days of prayer and reflection as we add either sacrifice or acts of service/gratitude to our daily lives. As Jesus walked through the desert for 40 days, we too are called to reflect upon our relationship with God and appreciation of his presence in our lives. We wish all our families a blessed journey through Lent.

March also brings some new events into our school community such as Badminton (gr. 6 & 7), Gr. 4-7 Intramurals (later in March), the celebration of Saint Patrick (March 17th), and Virtual Student Led Conferences (March 16-17th). We look forward to having our students share with their families what they have been learning through hard work.

Yours in Christ

Mrs. Combres & Mrs. Weber

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This month we host our Student-Led Conferences which is an exciting time for students to show you their hard work that they are proud of. It is also a time for your family to discuss goals for the next term until June. PLEASE make sure you are able to attend one of these virtual nights. Conferences are to be held March 16 and 17. You will receive an invitation through Edsby to book your time.

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Dates to Remember

March 2- Service - Ash Wednesday

March 11- No Classes

March 14- No Classes

March 15-18- Book Fair

March 16 & 17- Student Led Conferences

March 17- St. Patrick's Day Wear Green

March 23-Early Dismissal Day

March 24- Mass

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Sacred Teaching for March

The Beaver carries the sacred teaching of Wisdom.

"The beaver creates a home and a dam to make life better for itself. Now that's Wisdom!"

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Registration for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten for the fall is now open!

Pre-K students must be 3 or 4 and Kindergarten students must be 5 on or before December 31st. Please stop by the office anytime to pick up a registration form. Registration forms were sent home with all current four year old Pre-K students. Registrations are also available on our school home page. If your family is moving and leaving the school, please provide the office with that information.


Would you like to give your child a “boost” before he/she starts Kindergarten? Consider Pre-Kindergarten, a FREE education program for 3-5 year olds!

Although open to anyone, preference is given to families who may be in one or more of the following situations:

-single parent family, parent(s) in school, low income

-family receiving social assistance, a child with a behavior or speech problem

What is Pre-Kindergarten?

-it allows children to learn through play in a structured environment.

-it helps children develop language, thinking, behavior, social, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

-it actively involves the family in each child’s education.

When is Pre-Kindergarten?

Children attend classes for 3 hours per day Monday-Thursday and families may request morning or afternoon classes. The program operates from September to June and new students are accepted throughout the year as spaces become available.

Where are the Pre-Kindergartens?

St. Mary’s Community School 306-445-5152 , Notre Dame School 306-445-0283 and Holy Family School 306-445-2360.

*Please note: Final placements will not be determined until September.

School Clothing

Families will have an opportunity to purchase school clothing from Feb.28 to March 10. We ask that each student return their own order form. Orders can be paid with cash, cheque or debit at the office. School clothes are a great way to expand your child's wardrobe, while showing school pride! #HFSPROUD!
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Outstanding School Supplies Fees

Academic school supplies were purchased by the Light of Christ School Division for the 2021-2022 school year and were distributed to the classrooms. Each student was to receive supplies required for their grade level. Purchasing these supplies in bulk drastically reduced the cost for parents and eliminated the need to parents to purchase supplies for their children.

We are sending out gentle reminders to those who have outstanding fees for school supplies this year.

Please make arrangements to have these fees cleared up as soon as possible. The fees are as follows:

Grades K-2= $30

Grades 3-6= $35

Grade 7 = $40

Thank you to all the parents who have already paid the fees.

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Pink Shirt Day

We want to thank all who participated in the Pink Shirt Day on February 16. It was great to see the sea of pink shirts in our school. The focus was to:

1. Appreciate Individual Differences

2. Kindness- it changes everything

3. Standing up for others with kindness

We are better together!

A.S.H. for LENT

Ash Wed marks the beginning of Lent, the forty days of fasting and abstinence, the traditional preparation for Easter in the Catholic Church. The forty days of Lent is the annual retreat of God’s people in imitation of Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness. Moses went to the mountain to seek the face of God for forty days in prayer and fasting. The people of Israel were in the wilderness for forty years in preparation for their entry into the Promised Land. Elijah fasted for forty days as he journeyed in the wilderness to the mountain of Horeb.

Ash Wednesday, Dies Cinerum, 'The Day of Ashes. Once a year, we, Catholic, do something strange. It's the day on which we have our foreheads marked with ashes in the shape of a cross. The application of ashes reminds us of two ideals: “we are dust”. ”Repent and believed in the Gospel”. We will allow ourselves to be smeared with ashes, with dust. For the first time children get their faces dirty without having to be rebuked by mom. What do we have to do this season? We propose a Lenten attitude from the very word: “ASH” - We admit, We Step forward, We hope.

ADMIT. With ashes we admit that the darkness of sin of the world is rooted in the darkness and sin of our hearts. Especially this Lent we refrain from our “favourite pastime” which is blaming others, finger-pointing, and refusing to accept responsibility. This Lent, we Admit, we face the truth of ourselves. My fault, my fault, my greatest fault.

STEP FORWARD. We know once a year who the Catholic are when we see the ashes on our forehead, we get to identify those who belong to the Church. This Lent, we step forward and identify ourselves as Catholics. We step forward because of Saint Paul says, “We are ambassadors of Christ”. With ashes on our foreheads we will once again be singled out as Catholics. We dare to step forward because we have received a mission from God.

HOPE. In the end after humble repentance of our sins and confident acceptance of our mission, we hope in the Lord. We hope in God’s grace and we trust in his loving mercy.

A group of bloodthirsty religious leaders dragged a woman caught in the very act of adultery, ready to stone her to death. When the accusation was made and Jesus’ approval was sought for the shedding of blood, Jesus did a strange thing instead by writing in the dust. We wonder why he did this. One meaning of his writing is simple: “Jesus stops, he pauses, he gives people time to think, to reflect, to hesitate before they carry out the killing. And when he lifts his head there is release, there is freedom there is peace.”

Year after year, as we receive the ashes on our foreheads, we remember that it is out of dust that we have come and that it is to dust that we shall return. It is in the sweat of our face that we eat bread, till we return to the ground out of which we were taken (Genesis 3: 10). And yet, for all our mortality, for all our inclination to sin, for all the sorrow with which we are afflicted, the ashes are always there, the symbol of repentance, humility and conversion.

At onset of Lent is neither the priest nor lay ministers but Jesus who will write in the dust once again, this time on our foreheads. And Jesus will trace in ash the shape of the cross. That which was a symbol of death was transformed by Christ’s love into a symbol of lice and salvation. The cross is now the sign of God’s boundless mercy and forgiveness which alone can make us new.

May the liturgical and ascetic season of Lent help us to open our heart to the loving mercy of the Lord Jesus who forgives, reconciles, enhances and makes us worthy. Only he can grant us freedom and peace. His grace alone can transform our lives into a pleasing offering to God. Because of our hope and his grace we can repeat St. Paul’s words, “Now is the favourable time! Now is the day of salvation!” WE ADMIT, WE STEP FORWARD, WE HOPE. (Fr.Joseph)

Fr. Phinh Do

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Weekly Rosary on Wednesdays

Please join us as we gather together to Pray the Rosary every Wednesday at 6:00 pm at St. Joseph Calasanctius Church to ask our Blessed Mother for her intercession for and protection over our Country

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick was born in England, but when he was a teenager, he was captured by Irish pirates who took him to Ireland as a slave. After six years, Saint Patrick escaped and returned to England and his family.

When Saint Patrick became a priest, he traveled back to Ireland as a missionary so that he could teach the people about God. He used examples to explain the mysteries of the faith in simple ways. One day, Saint Patrick compared the Trinity to a shamrock. He said that the shamrock has three leaves, but it is only one plant. In the same way, God is three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—but one God.

God used Saint Patrick’s kidnapping to convert the Irish people. In our lives, God uses the bad times to bring about a good we do not always see. We must be patient and trust Him.

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We will be having another Book Fair in March. It will run March 15-18. The students will be able to shop during their library periods. This is a great opportunity to get some new books in the hands of our students and a portion of the sales will go towards building our school library inventory. We hope you all can find something you will enjoy at the Book Fair.

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SCC Fundraising

The SCC would like to thank all the families who have been supporting our fundraisers.

Co-op cards- we are once again selling Co-op cards in denominations of $25 and $100. They can be purchased and picked up at the office. We thank you for using the gift cards as this is a very easy fundraiser for all involved. Cards can be used at any Co-op and in all departments.

Please watch for the Smile Growers Fundraiser to open as of March 21st. We are selling beautiful plants to raise money for our playground loan. Plants are a great way to encourage our friends to get out into the garden while choosing to support a healthy fundraiser.

Please check out the link below to start planning your garden and yard needs this spring. The fundraiser will run from March 21 until April 14. All orders are done online and payment method is credit card paid directly to the company. Please share the link with family and friends for them to check it out and help support our fundraiser. We will be sending out a link to share with family and friends.

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We will be having a coin drive from February 28-March 3. Students are encouraged to bring coins or monetary donations to be collected at the school to donate to TeleMiracle.

The money raised throughout the year and during the TeleMiracle telethon benefits the Kinsmen Foundation. They provide funding to the people of Saskatchewan requiring special needs equipment to maintain or improve their quality of life; as well as, travel assistance to those needing to leave their community, to access life-saving medical treatment. Funding is also provided to institutions and health foundations to purchase specialized, new or innovating equipment to improve health care.
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Parent Central

Parent Central focuses on children ages 0-6, and provides reliabel, free and centralized information.

Resources and information are available on the following topics:


-Child Development

-Child Health, Safety and Wellness

-Delays and Differing Abilities

-Early Learning

-Family Activities

Family and Parenting Support

-Pregnancy and Newborns

Here is the link to Parent Central

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