6 January 2023

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New Year's Concert

The New Year’s Concert which was put together with a dedicated effort on the part of music students drew an excited audience. As the school community, we are proud of the versatile musical talent of our students and congratulate all who contributed. We are already looking forward to the next concert of the Echo bands!


Ilgaz E. (TAC’24)

Özgür K. (TAC’24)


Piyano / Piano: Işık Ali A. (TAC’23)

Vokal/Vocal : Rana T. (TAC’23)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Barkan C. (TAC’23)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Akın Barış B. (TAC’23)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Efe İ. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Yankı S. (TAC’23)


Piyano / Piano: İpek Ö. (TAC’24)

Vokal/Vocal : Zeynep D (TAC’24)

Vokal/Vocal : İpek Ö. (TAC’24)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Arda A. (TAC’24)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Efe İ. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Şah B. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Efe Ö. (TAC’24)

Cajon: Gamze Ö.(TAC’24)


Piyano / Piano: Ece A. (TAC’25)

Piyano / Piano: Elvin O. (TAC’25)

Vokal/Vocal : Nisa K. (TAC’25)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Arda A. (TAC’24)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Güneş U. (TAC’25)

Bateri/ Drums : Demir G. (TAC’25)


Piyano / Piano: Doruk A. (TAC’26)

Vokal/Vocal : Rasime E. (TAC’26)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Kıvanç Y. (TAC’26)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Poyraz A. (TAC’26)

Bateri/ Drums : Ediz A.(TAC’26)


Piyano / Piano: Ilgın D. (TAC’27)

Piyano / Piano: Tilbe A. (TAC’27)

Vokal/Vocal : Rüya Y. (TAC’27)

Vokal/Vocal : Derin S. (TAC’27)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Efe Çınar Ö (TAC’27)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Toprak Y. (TAC’27)

Bateri/ Drums : Mert G.(TAC’27)

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Consecutive Student Accomplishments Celebrated in an Award Ceremony

The achievements of TAC students during the last week were celebrated in a ceremony in Talas Auditorium on January the 4th. Strong students performances in sports and academics were recognized once more with the surprise musical accompaniment of ECHO'27 Band.

Sports Achievements

Boys Basketball Team: Mersin Championship and Championship at UAA Basketball Tournament

Girls Volleyball Team: Second place in Mersin and at ACI Shepard Cup

Boys Handball Team: Fourth place in Mersin

Girls Basketball Team: Fourth place in Mersin and second place at UAA Basketball Tournament

Girls Badminton Team: Third place in Mersin

Taylan Rüzgar İnce: First place at the Tarsus Municipality Chess Tournament

Achievements in Academics and Clubs

TAC Bears Robotics Team Receive the "Innovate Award"

“TAC Bears” Robotics Team, comprised of members of the school’s Robotics Club, competed at the “Vex Robotics High School Tournament” hosted by Hisar Schools in Istanbul on 24-25 December. At the end of the event, during which the robot design process was explained and the engineering notebook was explored, the TAC group’s endeavors were found worthy of "Innovate Award" after the jury’s deliberations.

Eylül Deniz Güner ‘27,

Asu Hayat Altınsoy ‘26,

Ali Mirza Kılınç ‘26,

Nehir Aksoy ‘26, T

Turhan Uygur ‘26,

Levent Paydak ‘26,

Bengisu Ergene ‘25,

Buğra Esen ‘25,

Ilgın Irmak Güzel ‘25,

Kerem Şanlı ‘25,

İlhami Aslansoy ‘25,

Bora Ceylan ‘25,

Bora Bostan‘25’

With the “Innovate Award”, TAC qualified for the Turkish National Finals, which will be held on February 25-26, 2023. We congratulate our innovative thinkers and wish them continued success at the national finals.

TAC Students Move to the Next Stage at the International Knowledge Bowl

While we already shared the news article about the knowledge bowl in our newsletter last week, we wanted to share it again below to provide further information about the reason for the award.

TAC’s IB students in grade 11, Cem Sağlam, Cenk Sağlam, Naz Kurtuluş, Alpartun Günhan, Yağmur Serin, Benan Güneş and Melis Ata, who competed at the Russia-based “Urfodu” (International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest) passed the first stage.

The students, all of whom qualified for the finals, joined the knowledge bowl in the following branches:

Cem: English, German, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

Cenk: English, German, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Naz: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Alpartun: Physics and English

Yağmur: English, Physics and Mathematics

Benan and Melis: Biology

Urfodu is an international knowledge contest organized by Russia, giving the opportunity to 5th-11th grade students from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey to demonstrate their knowledge in biology, chemistry, English, French, geography, German, mathematics and physics. It consists of two stages: the first stage is online through the website, and the second takes place either at the international test center or online, optionally. Students who pass the first stage are eligible for the second stage.

We are proud of the outstanding achievements of TAC students and wish them the best in the second stage of the competition.

TAC New Year’s Exhibition

The New Year Exhibition, which showcase the artwork of TAC’s visual arts students, was opened to visits in the Sadık Paşa Foyer. A diversity of techniques were used in these artwork, which were created both during the visual arts classes and outside of the class time. Consisting of pencil drawings, color art, and 3D techniques, the works displayed were admired by the visitors. We congratulate TAC’s young artists and wish them continued success in developing their portfolios.


Prep B Damla ÖNAL

Prep C Ecrin ERDAL


Prep E Mustafa Arda ULUDAĞ

Prep E Almira ÖZDEMİR

Prep F Irmak SEYHAN



Prep F Defne SÖNMEZ

Prep F Derin SOYDAN


9/A Selen KOÇ

9/A İlayda OLPAK


9/A Zeynep Naz TORUN


9/A Ronya TAŞ

9/B Ecenur KÖROĞLU


9/B Ali Rıza ALKAÇ

9/B Doruk YILMAZ


9/B Hatice Naz DÖLEK


9/C Elif Ayzen TÜRKTAN

9/C Elif Naz ERBEY



9/C Kağan ÇAKIR

9/C Defne DERYAL

9/C Nehir AKSOY


9/C Asu Hayat ALTINSOY

9/E Demir Zihni UĞURSES

9/E Aren BAŞ

9/F Deniz NARCI


9/F Ali Mirza KILINÇ

9/F Fatma Şevval KAYA


10/A Gülce KALKAN

10/B Nehir ÖRKİ

10/C Ayşe URAL


10/C Yosun UĞURSES

10/D Evren ATMACA

Work on the New TAC Vision and Mission Continues

Developing a new vision and mission is essential work for a school as the vision and mission provide the guiding light for the school’s decision-making and overall direction. Over the last two weeks, parents, students, teachers, and non-teaching staff have brainstormed words and key phrases to consider for the new TAC Vision and Mission. Last week, the alumni engaged in a brainstorming session via Zoom. All community stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the upcoming sessions. Please contact the office of the Head of School if you have any questions or would like more information.

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Tarsus Schools Celebrate New Year

The new year party which saw the participation of Tarsus American College and Tarsus SEV elementary schools was held outdoors on TAC Campus. It was pleasing to see everyone in a gathering which was made delicious by the sausage sandwiches prepared for all teachers and staff. Following the congratulatory remarks by Mrs. Sunderman, the Head of School, and the principals, the members of TAC and Tarsus SEV families receiving their New Year's gift packages.

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Another New Year celebration was organized for TAC and Tarsus SEV support staff. A nice surprise was organized for these dedicated staff who are behind the scenes making our lives comfortable, with the treats that the school administrators prepared at home. Among them, the most popular were the chocolate chip cookies made by Mrs. Sunderman. Leaving another year behind, the best wishes for a wonderful new year together was shared.

To all members of the TAC and Tarsus SEV family, we wish a great new year filled with success, happy moments, and good health.

Interdisciplinary Activity “Run – Solve – Have Fun”

Grade 9 students had an exciting lesson in the interdisciplinary class activity organized by the Mathematics and Physical Education departments. While students tried to complete the dynamic race track prepared by the physical education department, they also solved the questions prepared by the mathematics department which required decision-making and swift thinking. Beyond having a fun time learning new things, the main goal was to show students that effective planning can help them be more productive and content, even when things are at a high pace, and to balance their private and professional lives. We thank everyone who designed the activity and ensured that it met its goals.

IB Broşürümüz güncellenmiştir

Güncellenmiş IB Broşürü için görsele tıklamanız yeterli.

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