European Country Project-Finland

Inarra Subazali

Map, Location, and Landforms


Tourism in Finland is in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Turku, Tampere, and Lappeenranta. Tourism is an important industry in Finland because it helps the economy and it provides jobs. Recently tourism has been decreasing in Finland because of the neighboring countries. People have been going there instead of Finland, this has decreased the tourism by 1.1 per cent.


  • The first inhabitants of Finland were the Sami (Lapp) people.
  • Finnish speakers migrated to Finland in the first millennium.
  • The USSR attacked Finland on Nov. 30, 1939, after Finland refused to give in to Soviet territorial demands.
  • Finns joined the Nazis against Russia in 1941

Culture, Languages, Religions, Holidays

Culture- Combines indigenous heritage with Nordic, Russian, and European culture.

Languages- Finnish and Swedish

Religions- Mostly Christianity although there are many other religions.

Holidays- Most of the holidays we have in America


Sports are considered important and many Finns visit different sporting events regularly. Pesäpallo is the national sport of Finland, although the most popular forms of sport in terms of television viewers and media coverage are ice hockey. Pesäpallo meaning "nest ball", also referred to as "Finnish baseball"is a fast-moving sport involving a bat and a ball.

Interesting Fact

  • There are exactly 187,888 lakes (larger than 500 m²) and 179,584 islands within the territory of Finland. Both are world records.